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  1. Is Garrett Wilson the new WR1 or is this still Elijah’s team?
  2. I see positives and negatives with both players. Which QB would you rather have as your starter for the remainder of the season?
  3. alpha1906

    Please rate my team (#1 pick standard)

    Thanks for the input. I was pleased with the draft overall, but felt there was a weakness with my RB corp.
  4. Draft was this week: QB C. Palmer J. Winston RB M. Ingram, E. Lacy, D. Williams, S. Ware WR A. Brown, E. Decker, M. Jones, D. Green-Beckham TE Z. Ertz, M. Bennett K A. Vinatieri DEF Steelers Thoughts?
  5. I can only stash one on my bench. Help me decide.
  6. alpha1906


    Ease of schedule is very important. Take TJ and CJ.
  7. alpha1906

    Who should I drop?

    Which RB would you drop to get D. Rhodes? I am leaning toward Deangelo Williams. Here are the choices: J. Addai T. Jones E. James T. Hightower D. Williams
  8. alpha1906

    Would you start LJ Smith and Reggie Brown?

    I would start LJ Smith with Reggie Brown. The matchup against GB is too tempting. Donovan will spread the love on Monday night!!
  9. alpha1906

    WDIS- RB (Pick 2) Week 4

    1 pt per 25 yds rushing 1 pt per 25 yds receiving 6 pt per touchdown J. Lewis v. SD M. Morris v. CHI C. Taylor v. BUF M. Barber v. TEN