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  1. tiggo25

    Jahmyr Gibbs

    Thanks man! RB2 is decent with upside considering we are essentially starting our draft in the 5th round.
  2. tiggo25

    Jahmyr Gibbs

    Good point. And you're right, maybe I'm talking myself into this pick with blinders on. Let's see how he performs preseason for a better assessment.
  3. tiggo25

    Jahmyr Gibbs

    Yep my thoughts exactly.
  4. tiggo25

    Jahmyr Gibbs

    Thanks for the insight. I agree but I'm thinking we'll see more volume second half of the year as he learns the system. I guess the opposite is true if he can't pass block and get used to the speed of the NFL. But I'm an optimist on Gibbs.
  5. tiggo25

    Jahmyr Gibbs

    Why provide good insight then be a douche with your next breath? I took over a crap team with very bad keepers. With 4 keepers there isn't much available in the player pool. So you either look to win current year, or build for next year. I'm choosing to build for next year and possibly be competitive this year. Sorry you can't comprehend that.
  6. tiggo25

    Jahmyr Gibbs

    Agree. Until he can handle pass blocking, his time could be limited. This is PPR but disagree with redraft. Value seems to be much more in Keeper, especially as a rookie this year with Monty on the roster.
  7. tiggo25

    Jahmyr Gibbs

    What's your thoughts on Gibbs this year? Lot of Bijan hype , but also hearing some good things about Gibbs. Will this be a 50/50 timeshare with Montgomery and Gibbs taking more of the share as the season progresses? I'm in a 14 team league with 4 keepers. Targeting Gibbs and leaning on taking him at 1.08 (If he's available). I also have 1.12. Already confirmed Bijan Robinson is going 1.01. Also considering moving up in the draft to draft him. I have some players that I'm not keeping to package with 1.12 to move up. I've traded some pieces for a younger team with a win next year approach. I intend to compete this year, but the plan was to get players to win next year. So far my keepers are: Etienne, Ridley, London, Kelce.
  8. I don't have him, but I'm sure there are plenty of disappointed Ekeler owners. High first round draft pick getting 14 carries/game and no TDs. Good thing he's involved in the passing game.
  9. tiggo25


    Buffalo definitely has one of the best defenses, but also the Rams O line sucks. Left tackle Andrew Whitworth retired end of last year. That was a huge loss. New LT Joe Noteboom didn't fare well. Think he allowed 3 of the 7 sacks. Now their center Brian Allen is out 2-4 weeks for a knee procedure. Oh and Noteboom is also hurt and may not play this week. The O line is being reshuffled and their run game blows. So I wouldn't expect good things out of Stafford this week. But you never know!
  10. tiggo25

    Rookies Only

    Works now....thanks!!!
  11. tiggo25

    Rookies Only

    Looks like as of today there are no rankings to import from the 3 rookie import options. Do you think they will be available at a later date?
  12. tiggo25

    Rookies Only

    Thanks Mike! I'll give it a try.
  13. tiggo25

    Rookies Only

    Is there a way to show just rookie positions/projections in a single tab? Option to show just rookies in the Offense tab would be great.
  14. tiggo25

    Gordon against Denver

    You guys realize that Denver Def is ranked 24th against the run? Before the ATL game they were ranked 22. Why would you bench Gordon now?
  15. This guy's first 4 picks out of the 2 hole in a 12 man league: 2. Devonta Freeman 23. Demarco Murray 26. Jordan Reed 47. Greg Olsen 2 TE's in first 4 rounds. And Devonta Freeman at #2 overall pick. Sheesh. Obviously he was ridiculed during the draft. His reason was he can play the other TE in the flex position. This guy will of course win this league.