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  1. ray_ray420

    Which RB?

    Carson, and Singletary for sure. I'm leaning D Johnson, ARI lead backs have been having success lately. Check mine:
  2. ray_ray420

    Golladay or R.Anderson or JuJu

    PIT is going to need Juju if they are going to stay competitive, roll with him. Check mine:
  3. ray_ray420

    Which QB?

    I like the M Ryan matchup better. Check mine:
  4. ray_ray420

    Pick 1 rb

    With McCoy out, Im running D Williams in everything I got. Check mine: i
  5. Need one for WR3, .5 ppr: J Reynolds LAR @ PIT - With B Cooks out for concussion, I'm favoring this matchup and feel J Reynolds ceiling is better. I dont particularly like the matchup as PIT is tough against the pass. C Samuel CAR @ GB - Havent been big on him all year, already running CMC out as my RB1, so I'd prefer to not double up, if possible. Leave link, and I will answer yours.
  6. ray_ray420

    Pick 2 please. How good will Brown be?

    Freeman and Cooks. Too much is unknown about M Brown and whether LAR will commit to the run.
  7. ray_ray420

    QB and Flex positions

    Watson, I love the matchup.
  8. ray_ray420

    Flex: Malcolm Brown Or Terry McLaurin

    I’d go with M Brown now too.
  9. ray_ray420

    Gotta pick 2 RBs

    D Williams and M Brown for the upside. I like APs matchup, but I really think MIA is gonna figure some things out, and this week could be a good opportunity for that, at home. Plus C Thompson will take valuable snaps. Check Mine:
  10. ray_ray420

    QB and Flex positions

    Gordon and Carson, we just don’t know what we’ll get with M Brown this week.
  11. ray_ray420

    Tate or Snead

    I too don’t like playing so many players on one team, but BAL will put up quite a few points on CIN today, I’d role with Snead. CIN is too much of a hot mess right now. Check Mine:
  12. ray_ray420

    RB or TE to drop for WR.

    Agree with everyone above, drop penny. Check mine:
  13. ray_ray420

    Take a 0 at TE?

    I too don’t like the guaranteed zero, but I like the Hyde for Henry play...roll with it. Check Mine:
  14. ray_ray420

    Need two of these WR. All three are great.

    Great choices, and I don’t think you can go wrong.Golladay, and Thielen for me, they have better opportunities. With J Ross and A Green out, opposing defenses will focus on Boyd, and I don’t trust A Dalton. Check Mine:
  15. ray_ray420

    Tyreek Hill or Damien Williams?

    I typically like guaranteed touches, but T Hill is a must start if he plays and I like his scoring opportunity against HOU. Check Mine: https://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/topic/489707-pick-2-j-connor-d-williams-or-m-brown-5ppr/