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    Zeke has to be in. I'd go with: Cam AJ Hopkins Zeke Ingram Drake (flex) Olsen
  2. I need a #2 WR in my PPR league heading into the SuperBowl. I have: Michael Thomas (vs. Atlanta) Dez Bryant (vs. Seattle) Devin Funchess (vs. Tampa Bay) Marqise Lee (Out) Michael Thomas is my #1, but do I start Dez or Funchess as my #2, or look to the wire? Available on the wire: Mike Wallace (vs. Indy) Keelan Cole (@ SF) (all 3 Jax WR's are available on the wire) Sterling Shepard (@ Arizona) Who would you look to as your #2 WR for the SuperBowl? Also...do you start Brady (vs. Buffalo), or Cam (vs. Tampa Bay)? Thanks!!!
  3. If it weren't for all the "expert" Rest of the Way Rankings having Evans considerably higher than Bryant, I wouldn't be thinking about this one. Rest of the Way Rankings: CBS Sportsline - Evans #5, Bryant #21 ESPN - Evans #4, Bryant #10 Fantasy Pros - Evans #5, Bryant #12 FF Today - Evans #4, Bryant #16 All I am really worried about is week 15 and week 16. Would you rather have: Bryant in week 15 vs Seattle (#16 vs WR's), and @ Phily in week 16 (#18 vs WR's) Evans in week 15 vs Atlanta (#6 vs WR's), and @ Carolina (#11 vs WR's) Who gives me the better production in week 15 and 16? Thanks!!!!!
  4. I have a trade offer I need some help with. My team: Tom Brady Cam Newton (on bench) Dez Bryant Michael Thomas I have an offer on the table for Mariota and Mike Evans for Cam Newton and Dez Bryant. Dez hasn't had a single 100 yard game this season and I have the opportunity to try and upgrade by trading Cam Newton (since I won't likely be playing him anyway). Problem is, Mike Evans also has had a disappointing season (also zero 100 yard games so far). When I search for "Rest of the Season" rankings, Mike Evans is considerably higher on the lists, but his performance so for this season hasn't really been much better than Dez. Dez also has a better fantasy playoff schedule for week 15 and 16 (I already wrapped up a 1st round bye so I'm only worried about week 15 and 16). Dez plays Seattle (week 15) and @ Phily (week 16). Evans plays Atlanta (week 15) and @ Carolina (week 16). So the question is would Mike Evans be an upgrade from Dez Bryant and give me a better chance to win the league in week 15 and 16? Would you make the trade?
  5. ffr

    Projectrion Pal with popular sites

    Were you able to successfully import the consensus projections from fantasypros.com into Draft Buddy? If so, could you attach your Draft Buddy file to this thread? That way, I (or anyone else interested) can just copy and paste the projections from the Draft Buddy format into our Draft Buddy files with the same Draft Buddy format. EDIT: Actually, probably not a good idea to attach the entire draft buddy file as then anyone can use the program without paying for it. Could you instead attach just the portion of your Draft Buddy File you imported the projections to?
  6. ffr

    Projectrion Pal with popular sites

    Mike - Thanks for the video clip. Now I remember why I wasn't able to get things working with PP DolphinDan - That would be great if there was a way we could share projections that other people were able to get working correctly. How can we do this?
  7. I love this product and have been using it for years now. I think this will be my 6th or 7th. My only complaint is that it seems like it could be easier to import projections from other sites (could defintiely be wrong). At least for the popular ones like CBS, ESPN, Yahoo. I always like to get more of a consenses on projections and have tried a couple times unseccesfully to import projections from other sites. Each year when the new CC (or this year Draft Buddy) is released, I'm hope that the way to import outside projections will be made simpler. Is there an easy to follow tutorial for importing projections from other sites? Ok, ok, enough complaining. The Draft Buddy is Awesome and thanks again for releasing such a helpful tool.
  8. ffr

    Strange rankings in CCDB

    Thanks so much for the offer to help. Email sent with the two Excel files. (Draft is tonight at 7pm PST)
  9. ffr

    Strange rankings in CCDB

    Just tried that, but I'm still getting the same error message. Bummer! Any other ideas to try? My draft is tonight.
  10. ffr

    Strange rankings in CCDB

    GREAT! Although I'm having trouble importing the data from projection pal to the CC. I'm using Excel 2007 and I have enabled all macros (after opening the Trust Center), but when I select copy to compiler from PP, I get this pop up error: Any idea what I can do to get the CBS ramkings in CC? Edit - I should add: I made sure VBA for applications was installed. My CCDB File is called "Posse" My PP File is called "PP Posse" I set the file name to export to in PP as "Posse" (from the setup tab) and Site B. Both CCDB and PP are in the same foler named "Draft" I'm running Windows Vista Home Premium and Excel 2007 Thank for the help!
  11. ffr

    Strange rankings in CCDB

    You a have a customer for life. I love the product even though I need to learn how to use it more to its potential. I've looked into added the projections from other sites in the last couple years and never was able to figure out how to do it. Has that been made easier this year? I'd love to add the projections of other sites as well. I know there's a way to weight the projections of other sites into CCDB. I'd love to do something like account for the projections of FFToday, ESPN, and CBS...or something similar. Are there other sites that are easy to integrate into CCDB so I can get a mix of projections? Are there easy to follow steps to add another websites projections and weight them in CCDB? Thanks again!
  12. ffr

    Strange rankings in CCDB

    Purchased CCDB for the 6th or 7th straight year so thanks yet again for such an awesome FF product! I opened it up for the first time this year (getting a late start this year). The rankings seem strange to me. I updated the projections today, entered my scoring as I do each year (pretty standard 10 team PPR scoring) and I have Adrian Peterson ranked #4 overall. The top 200 PPR rankings on the FF Today web site are very different from the top players in my Cheatsheet Compiler? My overall are: 1 Foster 2 Ray Rice 3 Jamaal Charles 4 Adrian Peterson 5 Darren McFadden 6 Roddy White These can't be the correct top 6, can they?
  13. This did the trick. Your support is ALWAYS A +++++. Thanks for the quick reply and the great product !!!!
  14. I'm trying to set up Draft Buddy, but keep getting the following error: Visual Basic: "Run time error '9': Subscript out of range" I set up the CC just fine, but can't seem to get setup DB. I'm running Excel 2007 on Vista. Both the CC and DB are in the same directory. I've tried both options of DL'ing the CC/DB files in both Excel 2007 and Excel 97/2000/2002/2003 (all versions except 2007). I still get this error no matter which DL'ed files I use. Any ideas what I can try to fix this? Thanks.
  15. I was trying to upload new projections from CBS into Projection Pal and wondering if there is an easy way. Thanks to another thread where Jeff did the legwork and uploaded a Projection Pal file with the CBS projection in it I was able to use a combo of FF Today and CBS to comprise my cheatsheet compiler. Is there an easy way for me to update those new CBS projections now. Some of them have changed a little and my draft is this weekend. If there is an easy way for me to update to the current projections it would be great. I tried to simply enter the URL for cbs sportline QB projections page into the "QB Projections URL" in Projection Pal (Step 4 on the Projection Pal worksheet) and hit either "Refresh Data" or "New Query" (I tried both), but I couldn't get it to work. Is there an easy way or should I just stick with the CBS projections in the file that was uploaded by Jeff with relatively current projections? Thanks in advance for any help.