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    Need Help!

  2. a1tele1

    Need Help!

    I need to figure out which two of the three teams take the wild card positions. Here are the rules DIVISION AND WILD CARD TEAMS WILL BE DECIDED BY BEST RECORD, FIRST TIE-BREAKER IS HEAD TO HEAD. IF 3 OR MORE TEAMS ARE TIED AND HEAD TO HEAD CAN NOT RESOLVE THE TIE THEN THE TEAMS WITH THE HIGHEST TOTAL POINTS WINS TIE-BREAKER, IF STILL TIED THEN COIN FLIP. Team 1 & Team 2 are in the same division so they played twice spliting the games 1-1 Team 3 beat Team 2 but lost to Team 1. As head to head I see Team 1 2-1 Team 2 1-2 Team 3 1-1 Is this fair? If so then it looks like Team 1 and Team 3 make the playoffs. However if head to head isn't fair because of the extra game Team 1 and Team 2 played then the points are the deciding factor. Team 1 1544.34 Team 2 1856.20 Team 3 1545.75 In this case Team 2 and Team 3 would take the Wild Cards.
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    NFL DraftWeekend Team Thread: New England Patriots

    well I hope you are wrong now
  4. a1tele1

    NFL DraftWeekend Team Thread: New England Patriots

    This is great Welcome Chad Jackson and they didn't have to take him with the #21 pick
  5. a1tele1

    NFL DraftWeekend Team Thread: New England Patriots

    I would prefer to see one of the WR's get drafted here.
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    For anyone here that runs a 32 team league

    Glad I could help a couple of people. Is there anymore 32 team leagues in need of a schedule?
  7. For commish or teams that play in a 32 team league that is interested in playing a full 16 game schedule. I have completed my 12 week schedule. 16 games (8 home and 8 away) the exact teams that each NFL team plays in 2006. You have all division games played in weeks 1,2,11 and 12 (all non-bye weeks). The doubleheaders are on weeks 1,2,11 and 12 (all non-bye weeks). No more then back to back home or road games. If anyone is interest please email me and I will send it to you in an excel file. csulliva@tampabay.rr.com