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  1. Our 14-team PPR auction league that has added a Superflex position for this year has one vacancy. Auction is Monday evening, August 21 at a bar on South Street in Philly. In-person is preferred but phone or Skype participation is OK. League fee is $106. $250 cap, H2H, decimal scoring, 20-man rosters, blind bidding for waivers, can keep up to 4 (if you keep 4, at least one must be a rookie from the previous year; salary increase per year is the greater of $5 or 25% of previous year's salary), start 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 Flex (RB/WR/TE), 1 Superflex (QB/RB/WR/TE), 1 team D/ST, 1 team K. We use MFL for league management and Leaguesafe for payment. 13-week regular season with each team playing each other once (no divisions); 6-team playoffs in weeks 14, 15 and 16. First five seeds are decided by H2H record, sixth seed is decided by Victory Points. League has existed since 2007 and drama has been kept to a minimum. Send me a PM if interested.
  2. The Total Package

    Drafting Adrian Peterson

    FWIW I took ADP at 1.03 in a PPR mock. Stud RBs often get even more studly under Turner.
  3. The Total Package

    Grade your teams draft - 2011

    Major fail for calling Henery the best Eagles pick and not mentioning Kelce at all.
  4. PPAL, an auction league based in Philly, is looking for replacement for two founding owners. 14 teams, PPR, decimal scoring, $250 cap, $106 entry fee, 3 or 4 keepers (one must be a rookie from the previous year.) Auction is on Monday, August 19 at 6 PM at a bar on South Street in Philly. It's a fun, challenging league with a great bunch of guys who really know their stuff. If you're interested, PM me for a copy of the league rules and the vacant rosters. First new owner to commit will get their choice of which roster to take over. We use LeagueSafe for league finances.
  5. The Total Package

    Megan Kelly of Fox

    I went to elementary school with her husband.
  6. The Total Package

    ***Geek Club Playoff Game 2013***

    QB Aaron Rodgers (GB) QB Peyton Manning (DEN) RB Ray Rice (BAL) RB Arian Foster (HOU) WR Julio Jones (ATL) WR A.J. Green (CIN) TE Rob Gronkowski (NE) TE Kyle Rudolph (MIN) K Adam Vinatieri (IND) K Kai Forbath (WAS) D/ST Seattle (SEA) D/ST San Francisco (SF)
  7. The Total Package

    2013 Death Pool?

    So, is this happening?
  8. The Total Package


    4.02 in my 12-team PPR redraft today.
  9. The Total Package

    Any Ideas on Wes Welker?

    It's the Patriots, could be anything. Literally anything.
  10. The Total Package

    Parity in Fantasy Football

    My auction league has had five different champs in its five years of existence. This is not surprising because everyone knows their stuff. My redraft league tends to have the same five teams at the top every year, with three others occasionally there, and the others usually non-factors. There's a variety of serious and casual players.
  11. The Total Package

    First round picks as of 8/16...who you got

    Foster McCoy Rice Calvin Johnson Rodgers Brady Brees Chris Johnson Forte McFadden Fitzgerald Stafford
  12. The Total Package

    Mendenhall off PUP

    Nope, once you're off PUP, you're off PUP. He'll be deactivated on a week-to-week basis if he's not ready.
  13. The Total Package

    The WTF happened to this guy thread...

    Major knee injury robbed him of mobility. Mobility was what made him who he was. Without it, he sucked.
  14. The Total Package

    Who started RBBC?

    Before 1978, it was much more difficult to pass -- defenders had all kinds of leeway to interfere with receivers. So the NFL was mostly a running league, and many teams had more than one guy who got significant carries. Often it was the fullback -- Rocky Bleier carried quite frequently for the 1970s Steelers, even though they had Franco Harris. But each guy in an RBBC got more carries than they do today, because a greater percentage of plays were runs.
  15. The Total Package

    Homers Report

    Some more Eagles notes: Backup QB Mike Kafka broke his left (non-throwing) hand and will miss at least 3 weeks. Do not be surprised if rookie Nick Foles becomes QB2 in Kafka's absence. He has looked great in camp and in the first preseason game, and might be someone to target in dynasty leagues, given Vick's fragility. Trent Edwards still sucks. Undrafted WR Danaris Johnson has also impressed in camp and in the first preseason game. Beat writers think he will make the team, and could be used on returns. Someone to think about in return-yardage leagues. Left tackle could be a problem. Demetrius Bell struggled vs. PIT, and King Dunlap (running with the first team in today's practice) has shown little more than mediocrity in his career. Luckily, Vick is left-handed, so the LT is not protecting his blind side, but the line will miss Jason Peters greatly.