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  1. Chasers Dawg

    New to Fantasy

    You are a rookie and want me to go to your site to get advise ?? Sorry, I'll pass, may regret it in the future, but I'll take the chance
  2. Chasers Dawg

    Melvin Gordon threatens to holdout of camp

    I agree in a way. When the NFLPA agreed to these 4 year set contracts they FOCKED the future rookies big time. If he wants to make it right he needs to get the NFLPA exec's replaced. Younger players have to band together
  3. Chasers Dawg

    MNF: What do you need?

    LOL. Here's 1 way Average Yards per Punt 35.0-44.9 0 points for 35.0, and then 0.1 point for every 0.1 thereafter Average Yards per Punt 45.0-99 15 points for 45.0, and then 0.1 point for every 0.1 thereafter Punts Inside 20 1-99 4.00 points each Had bad days from Martinez, & Van Noy
  4. Chasers Dawg

    MNF: What do you need?

    Need Kern to get 18.2 more than Beasley Yes, the Ten Punter
  5. Chasers Dawg

    Redskins at Saints: In-Game Discussion

    1st guy I remember to get really screwed by "Franchise Tag". Hard to get too upset at Bell. Congrats to Drew. Way to Go
  6. Chasers Dawg

    Colts at Patriots: In-Game Discussion

    What happened to Walker? I started him over Preston Brown and Van Noy
  7. Chasers Dawg

    Week 5 Streaming Defense

    just picked up Ten (@ Bills)
  8. Chasers Dawg

    Ads on the main page

    Thanks, Mike from 1 of them elderly types that keeps the chrome on the trim and bumpers of the car
  9. Chasers Dawg

    Jets at Lions: In-Game Discussion

    Wow, Nice hit/play by Galloday
  10. accepted a 1st rd pick offer for him that had been sitting there for a couple days in the middle of the 3rd quarter
  11. Chasers Dawg

    Upsets this week

    Cle & Cin
  12. Chasers Dawg

    My Daily brothers

    Ingram out should help some in that regard
  13. Chasers Dawg

    MFL 2018 site is up

    saw that this morning. If you are doing a league search make sure you are set for 2017
  14. Chasers Dawg

    Team FFToday - Your IBL 2017 Champions!

    Presently in league: Footballguys, Fantasy Football Brothers, FFReport, IPL Sports (couple teams), Fantasy Sharks, Fantasy Champions, FF Mastermind, Sports Outlaw. Its a good, fun, challenging league that has been around since 2003
  15. Chasers Dawg

    Guess where guys will play next year

    All I am meaning is if only 1 QB has been selected pick #3 will be a lot more in demand