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  1. FantasyKing

    Pick Keepers based on COVID?

    I believe this is the first time in all my years I have ever seen cents associated with keeper values....interesting. What is the cap limit here? It's hard to gauge.
  2. FantasyKing

    1st time ever....

    Seems like BS to me. Completely legit trade. To add to that though...if you are the one trading Jaylen Samuels then don't do it. If you are getting Samuels then I can see how he vetoed it because the trade helped you...but still the commish should not have this power alone that is ridiculous.
  3. FantasyKing

    L Murray top 12 rb this week?

    I need to start a weekly email communication thread with you and follow your advice no matter what. You sir are the brains I needed on Sunday
  4. FantasyKing

    Sleeper defenses this year

    I was just busting chops....maybe a little bit of homerism in the pick but I do like the Browns too. You forgot to mention they do have a nice schedule as well.
  5. FantasyKing

    Sleeper defenses this year

    Maulers1973 Location:Ohio
  6. Rookie keeper option... Keep Kerryon Johnson and lose a 5th round pick Keep Calvin Ridly and lose a 9th round pick Keep DJ Moore and lose an 11th round pick
  7. FantasyKing

    Big Ben's leadership

    I think Bell was all about the guaranteed money and I understand his issue, but also he had to look at it from the Steelers side. He has been in trouble in past and not far away from a long suspension if he slips again. I think he just bandwagoned on to AB's story to help his case, but in the end he looks like a complete idiot. Lost a year of football, and lost a lot of money and ended up on a crap team. Now for AB - his ego is so ridiculous, with all the TV shows and cameos he really thinks he is a movie star now and if anyone is not completely kissing his ass saying how great he is non-stop...then he is a bad leader. As a Steeler fan I loved watching these guys, and I am equally as happy watching them walk out the door. Also bold prediction. Donte Moncrief...not Juju (who also will as well)......Donte Moncrief will have better stats at the end of the year than AB. Boom.
  8. FantasyKing

    Who are you starting Ware over?

    If its PPR I would not...regular scoring maybe.
  9. FantasyKing

    Who are you starting Ware over?

    Yeah I would not play him either...I had a few spots and I grabbed both Damien and Darell Williams for $1....Darrel Williams could possibly be a rookie keeper for me next year, I am wondering if he will get a shot....there is a reason he made the roster. We already know what we have in Ware and he is solid but has the injury risk, and we know what Damien can do as far as pass catching...but don't know what Darell can do..... I grabbed them both to see what shakes out......(Hunt owner (was) and someone else had Ware)
  10. FantasyKing

    Who are you starting Ware over?

    I have a feeling that Damien Williams will outperform Spencer Ware ...especially in PPR. Just a hunch, but think he is more suited to this style of offense. Ware is slow.
  11. I thought the same thing about auction drafts and the time needed when we switched over many years ago, but actually as money available for each team gets lower and lower there is much less discussion and bidding starting about halfway through the draft. Then usually near the end all the bids are won with just $1 because no one has roster or cap space left. Most of the time after the stars are picked and the mid-tier players are going, it usually ends up with only 2 people bidding on a player.......if others see two teams interested and driving it up, they usually will drop out. You need to set time limits for the bids though, maybe use an auctioneer once the bids stop flowing and saying...$45 going once, going twice, sold. It has to be like a real auction, usually a team who is not bidding on the player in our league will step up and be the auctioneer to move it along. I like the auction draft because you don't ever have the...."oh sh!t I forgot about that guy!" moment, everyone has an equal shot at every player....just who is willing to spend more. We do PPR leagues, we have 10 teams and a cap limit of $200.....with 2 keepers from the previous year. It does take some work to get all your rules setup like salary carryover from the previous year, but when you get it going it runs smoothly.
  12. FantasyKing

    Rate my team, WHIR

    I would say this is a very solid team. The only thing I would like to improve is the TE position and get one you can plug in every week without debate. Maybe trade Ware to the Charles owner or some of your other depth and a TE for a better TE. Great team here though man, well done. If you can take a look at mine and throw out your opinion, would appreciate it.
  13. FantasyKing

    Is there any position I need to work on?

    Man - for a 12 team league I really like what you drafted here. If you plan on only starting 1 RB then I agree with the previous post and try to trade Murray or another RB like DeAngelo to the Leveon owner or Abdullah to get some more WR depth. Since this is a PPR league especially well done job drafting! If you can take a look at mine I would appreciate it!
  14. FantasyKing

    Keeper question for auction draft

    Thanks montana - I appreciate the help. That was my initial thought too.
  15. FantasyKing

    Keeper question for auction draft

    Some background.....10 team league , $200 salary - I have $210 due to trades last year and Odell Beckham as my main keeper for $2 due to getting him off waivers for $1 his rookie year. We also have a rookie keeper option, a 2nd keeper who was a rookie the previous year. My options for rookie keeper. David Johnson - for $40 Stefon Diggs - for $1 Melvin Gordon - for $3 What would you do? I have a feeling DJ would go for about $50 in a redraft, if not more.