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  1. DonS

    Which passenger is in the wrong here?

    Sh1t. Now I have to worry about an azzhole cat reclining into me?
  2. DonS

    Which passenger is in the wrong here?

    Fair enough. I interpreted your "not doing anything essential" comment the opposite way but now I see what you're getting at.
  3. DonS

    2020 election Bumper Sticker counts

    It's a bummer that your vote as well as your neighbors' votes won't count in November. Join the club.
  4. It's quite the focked up world when you need to state that you have a xx-chromosomed daughter instead of just "daughter". Sadly this is becoming the new normal thanks to the left shoving identity politics down our throats.
  5. DonS

    Which passenger is in the wrong here?

    So the recliner person is justified because the seat is designed that way, but the person using his tray table for a reason other than eating is a no-no? Guy is still a doosh, but it seems like you're contradicting yourself a bit.
  6. Damn. Her mom is gonna make Hope Solo look like a virgin.
  7. DonS

    Official Trump Impeachment Inquiry Thread

    I'm admittedly a bit slow, but didn't Schiff mention way back when that we'd all hear the damning testimony from the whistleblower? Did I miss it? I thought this was the smoking gun? I'd be shocked if the House didn't call for his/her testimony to nail that bastard Trump since it was such an open/shut case. Please provide a link to the whistleblower testimony before the House so I can be a more informed American. TIA.
  8. The new liberal speak for criminals, at least out in Seattle, is "court involved". I sh1t you not. It's not PC to call a felon a felon any longer. That would be unfair.
  9. That's his Sunday school photo. He was taking AP classes!!!!
  10. That's NY, so he's probably going to be released without bail, right?
  11. DonS

    Which passenger is in the wrong here?

    Good call. Having to fly economy "disproportionately affects poor people"!!!! #RESIST!!!!
  12. Wasn't Lemmy from Motörhead banging her at some point?
  13. DonS

    UVA and the leftists there...

    WOW. I'm sure those $300k professors are all worth it, especially the liberal art worthless degree ones.
  14. DonS

    Recommend a TV Series on Netflix

    Does it have diverse tittays?
  15. DonS

    Recommend a TV Series on Netflix

    Agreed. Sexy sexy retard girl to boot! Bummed that it got canceled.
  16. Don't feel like watching her tearful apology. What did as she say that was so controversial?
  17. DonS

    Recommend a TV Series on Netflix

    It's been several years since I watched the final season but a few things that I can remember not caring for were:
  18. DonS

    This Rook Rike Job for Geeks

    Red Shirts probably wouldn't be a good idea.
  19. DonS

    Recommend a TV Series on Netflix

    Thanks again for the heads up. My commute is now much improved.
  20. DonS

    Mike Vick ESPN 30 for 30

    While on vacation in SFO me and my family were waiting for a train. There was a dude waiting as well with a Straffordshire Terrier. We also mistook him as a Pit until the guy explained the difference. This dog was so friendly and awesome. HUGE pumpkin head but a big softie. Nothing better than meeting a nice dog when you're missing yours at home.
  21. Anyone that takes their talking points from Alec Baldwin is obviously an idiot. Smart people choose to base their opinions on what Alyssa Milano has to say.
  22. DonS

    My All Time Lineup

    If you wanted to totally avoid steroid users you could've gone with Edgar at DH.
  23. Important question... What type of genocide oven is the most environmentally friendly? Better ask Greta for an official ruling.
  24. I hope Tulsi is still in the running by the time WA primary rolls around. Any registered voter can vote via mail in ballot - - you just need to mark a box saying you're a Dem for your vote to count. Hmmm... Maybe I'll vote for Creepy Joe to give him a glimmer of hope. So many excellent choices to pick from! So exciting!!!