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  1. DonS

    The Amazing Race Thread

    Is that the nerdy Team Fun couple?
  2. DonS

    Survivor: Edge of Extinction

    Just started watching. They mentioned she was also on AR before. I recognize her. What an annoying b1tch.
  3. DonS

    Survivor: Edge of Extinction

    That was you? I remember checking out the booting episode, and seeing her nice rack. She seemed to be a bit of a psycho so I had to start watching from the beginning.
  4. DonS

    Survivor: Edge of Extinction

    I recognize the name Rupert. Are there other Survivor alums? Never watched BB. I stopped watching Survivor for several years. Interesting enough I got back into it a couple of seasons ago when I opened a Survivor topic here and someone was crying about some chick with amazing tatas getting booted (a yoga instructor maybe???). That got me back into it and like I said it works well on Thursday commutes. Thank you GC! This is an example of the positive side of random strangers discussing random sh1t.
  5. DonS

    Survivor: Edge of Extinction

    I'm rooting for Devins myself.
  6. DonS

    Survivor: Edge of Extinction

    Maybe it's just me, but it seemed like he had bizarrely aggressive nipples for a skinny guy.
  7. DonS

    Social media doesn't make any focking sense

    I've seen some bizarre "feeling cute... Idk" things recently but didn't get the reference. Damn I must be old. Get off my lawn.
  8. DonS

    Survivor: Edge of Extinction

    He's no Keith though.
  9. DonS

    Survivor: Edge of Extinction

    That started? I have DVR setup to record it. Love that show. I always watch Survivor day after during my bus commute so wasn't aware next season of Amazing Race was on. Thanks for heads up.
  10. DonS

    Survivor: Edge of Extinction

    Eric? Were you looking at his junk during immunity challenges?
  11. DonS

    Tis a shame

    If only if it weren't for those darn Russian bots influencing the feeble minded! Edit: for the sarcasm impaired I agree the system is hopelessly broken and both sides are to blame.
  12. DonS

    Stick~ Red Light Cameras Removed in Texas

    Will Dallas give you a free pass as long as you owe less than $750?
  13. DonS

    Survivor: Edge of Extinction

    Please tell me I'm not the only perv who is squarely focused on looking at Aurora's/Kelly's/Lauren's/Victoria's snatches whenever they're standing there during the immunity challenges. Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?
  14. DonS

    Mueller Time is officially over. Predictions?

    Don't forget move to Canada first.
  15. Last year our regular doctor retired so my wife and I had to find new ones. She's been a lot happier with hers and suggested I should start seeing her as well. I basically said no way since she's a cute young Indian chick and I'd be worried about getting wood. And no, I'm not ghey by preferring a male doctor as I explained to my wife that during hernia check neither one of us wants to be there. Just cough and get it done.