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  1. DonS

    [** Official President Joe Biden Thread **]

    It's probably because he knows he'll get his ass kicked by a protective black mom if he tries.
  2. I think we should listen to Ripley on how to deal with these terrorist loving future baristas:
  3. We all know what kind of "pull" Robert Kraft supports.
  4. DonS

    Your favorite sport to watch?

    Are you getting excited for the new Olympic Break Dancing competitions?
  5. DonS

    Your favorite sport to watch?

    Hot chicks professional scissoring league.
  6. DonS

    Boyo really loves using the term "Master".

    Are you sure it isn't theyo/themo?
  7. I was listening to Guns N Roses on the way home from a show tonight. Got me thinking how good they were but unfortunately only had a few albums before they fell apart. What are some other bands you can think of that flamed out too soon? (I'm thinking of another band so curious if anyone names them)
  8. DonS

    Who’s drinkin tonight?

    I'll be drinking some overpriced beers while at a concert tonight
  9. DonS

    War in Israel

    Seems these kvnts did the same thing at SeaTac. Glad I wasn't traveling yesterday. https://mynorthwest.com/3957536/pro-palestinian-protesters-cause-closures-sea-tac-airport/
  10. DonS

    The suspect is a trans nonbinary Antifa member.

    It's not happening
  11. Same story here. Housing/services is offered to the homeless but aid usually gets declined because the mentally ill junkies would rather be homeless than give up their addictions. The solution??? More taxpayer money of course!!!!
  12. That proves that it's not that hard to clean (literal) sh1t up. Same thing miraculously happened in Seattle when MLB All Star game was in town.
  13. DonS

    Quotes you use in everyday life?

    Yep. When my kids got old enough to watch Caddyshack with me they were like "so that's where it's from!"