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  1. DonS

    Seeing animals going at it

    <unzips fly> Describe it in detail. Go slow. Make it sexy.
  2. Sansa's end was fitting as well. She always had dreams of one day being queen. Just didn't like how they handled Arya packing up her maps and spyglass and setting off on a grand adventure!!! Deciding to go off exploring was perfectly fine, was just super cheesy in delivery.
  3. DonS

    What concerts do you have coming up?

    They just recently came out with an awesome video for title track of latest album Rainier Fog. For those wondering what the fock is with the beer bottles with legs it is an homage to the Rainier Beer ads from the 70s/80s.
  4. While delivery was poorly done that was an ending for Jon that made perfect sense. He really enjoyed life as a wildling and never had any desire to be a ruler. Kick in the balls to sentence him to Night's Watch first but he ended up OK in the end.
  5. I interpreted his ending as him saying fock being Lord Commander again and he headed beyond the Wall with Tormund and Co to live as a wildling. He'll get tons of wildling poon. Why else show him on the platform overlooking rest of the watch looking all sad and then next scene is him riding out beyond the Wall? Did anyone else take it the same way?
  6. Drogon might not have ignored Jon if it caught him mounting her corpse, though.
  7. It was nice that they let poor sickly Robyn of the Vale have an equal say on THE ENTIRE FATE OF WESTEROS. At least some of the others showed their worth through their actions. He just breastfed until he was a preteen and wanted to make people fly out the Moon Door.
  8. My nausea/disgust last night made me unclear on one thing... So the Unsullied are focking off to Naath. Were the Dothraki getting on the ships as well, or are they staying put in Westeros? I'm sure they won't be causing any problems if they stay.
  9. The Normandy landing scene didn't show enough POC, women, or trans characters! It's an outrage!
  10. Them dying on the front lines is part of their "white privilege". They get all the glory that way! (It's fun making hypocritical statements! Being set free from logic is strangely liberating! I think I finally understand liberals)
  11. Let's recap women at the end of GoT: - Sansa Queen of the North - Butch lez is Queen of Iron Islands - Super assassin Arya kills the Night King and now is an explorer (I guess) - Brienne is head of King's Guard That seems pretty decent to me. Plenty of strong women characters doing just fine. Yet she complains about Brienne finishing Jamie's entry? How much does this stupid kvnt get paid for these expert opinions?
  12. DonS

    Batwoman trailer. Cringe level 10/10

    I'd be OK with them making Nancy a lez. S1E1: Nancy Drew and the Case of the Missing Strap-On
  13. I thought the same thing. "Nope, North is independent". "OK, King of 6 kingdoms then! Easy peasy! Time for lunch!" And now Arya is Dora the Explorer???
  14. DonS

    Parabellum with spoilers

    Plus this movie had Raffi from The League! I don't recall him being in JW2 but I could be wrong since I only saw it once.
  15. DonS

    Parabellum with spoilers

    I still prefer the original because the story was a more straightforward revenge movie. With JW2 it went over the top with the assasins everywhere. That being said JW3 was exactly what you'd expect it to be. Solid movie. My favorite parts? The first kill with a library book was bad ass. I decided to spend a few extra bucks to see it in Dolby AMC theater. Basically an upgraded projector and sound system. I think there might be subwoofers in the recliner seats because HOLY FOCK I could feel each shot when they broke out the shotguns. Good time.