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  1. DonS

    [** Official President Joe Biden Thread **]

    Why do I get the feeling there will be a montage clip of her repeatedly saying "you know?" coming out in the near future.... Very professional, you know?
  2. Fuuuuccccckkkkkk. "The Sadness" was focking over the top violent yet surprisingly well made. I love this sh1t, but one scene even made me go "no focking way... Is he really gonna do that???? HOLY SH1T HE IS!!!!" Glorious.
  3. DonS

    Kamala Harris said what?

    I'm sure black women across the US are thrilled that she represents what this administration felt was the "most qualified black woman" for the job.
  4. @MDC I'm still planning on signing up for the trial in order to watch this. Looking at the website and I'm not sure I would pay for the service though. How often have you found movies only available on Shudder like this one that you enjoyed vs a whole bunch of "meh" titles?
  5. What Google hits pop up if you start with the proper English / non-ebonics phrase "are we getting..."?
  6. DonS

    Your one favorite song

    Impossible to choose as it changes on my mood. It's like picking your favorite p0rn scene featuring yer mom. I'll offer up this one as most of you have probably never heard it before. Lyrics hit home for me as I haven't talked to my brother in years.
  7. DonS

    Ever seen GWTW?

    Frankly my dear I don't give a damn as I never saw it.
  8. That looks pretty good. Unfortunately don't have Shudder. Edit: looks like I can do a 7 day free trial. Might sign up to check this out.
  9. Does a "happy black woman" search show pics of black women with white guys?
  10. DonS

    Baby Formula Shortage...

    Like starting a siphon for stealing gas.
  11. DonS

    Pittsburgh Steelers unreal schedule.

    He must've been tipped off by Goodell of the impending rule. That's focking shady.
  12. DonS

    Pittsburgh Steelers unreal schedule.

    Roger Goodell proclaims that any team without a black HC and at least one other black assistant coach are instantly eliminated from the post season.
  13. DonS

    Rank meat

    Thread title made me think of the Arby's sandwich that is Hope Solo's snatch.