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  1. DonS

    Your Top 5 HBO Original Shows

    Canteen boy? I can understand having a soft place in your heart for a movie from when you were a kid.
  2. DonS

    Your Top 5 HBO Original Shows

    SIX times in the theater? How about Top Gun? Sounds like somebody has a crush on Val Kilmer.
  3. You never go ass to mouth!
  4. DonS

    Your Top 5 HBO Original Shows

    Looks awesome. Was the dude in the blue suit one of the brothers (Daryl and other brother Daryl) from Newhart?
  5. DonS

    Your Top 5 HBO Original Shows

    I'll definitely watch Deadwood. Hopefully my wife enjoys it as well. I am a bit worried, though, since everyone here was glorifying Tombstone. I finally watched it - fock I even paid a few dollars to rent it - and thought it was incredibly meh. Val Kilmer and Johnny Depp should have a competition for most over acted role in a movie.
  6. Wasn't there a kicker that played in the Super Bowl right after his baby died?
  7. DonS

    The Mist

    I really enjoyed the movie, and yes it is based on the Stephen King story. How did you watch it in black and white?
  8. Improve my skillz at using the spinner and putting the little "children" pegs in the car.
  9. DonS

    What is your favorite sound?

    Didn't realize the Devil was married
  10. DonS

    Your Top 5 HBO Original Shows

    Sounds like I need to add Deadwood to my queue.
  11. DonS

    Your Top 5 HBO Original Shows

    The episode with the squirter was awesome.
  12. DonS

    ScarJo sues Disney

    JFC. Disney has the balls to then cry foul about COVID? IT'S A LAWSUIT ABOUT A FOCKING SUPER HERO MOVIE!!!!
  13. This will certainly make the difference. https://www.king5.com/mobile/article/sports/locked-on/mlb-podcast/mariners-show/new-mariners-president-catie-griggs-becomes-highest-ranking-woman-in-mlb/281-c38ee9f4-a05b-4f94-a1de-47dfd9c401c2 I feel a rally coming on!!!
  14. DonS

    Spinoff: How would you get rid of a body.

    Thx. Those don't ring a bell for me, but I'll ask my wife. One episode that was pretty amazing involved a witness stating they saw a suspect burning a body near some tree. Scientists were able to analyze branches from all over the tree and determined that the witness story was true as branches on the side where they claimed the fire was showed evidence that growth was stunted due to smoke. Crazy stuff.