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  1. If I remember correctly, Aragorn (aka Strider) isn't trusted by folks and is shunned because he is a mysterious ranger (or whatever). Will this new Aragorn claim the distrust is due to RACISM???
  2. DonS

    Positive news story

    Don't forget "SQUIRREL!!!!!"
  3. DonS

    Trans Kids

    Banging a mermaid.... can't get any kinkier than that.
  4. DonS

    Indy 500 - tragedy narrowly averted

    I've gotten into watching F1 the past few years. Don't have much interest in Indy car or NASCAR, but to be fair I should maybe watch a few races to see what (if any) pit and tire stragegies come into play. Monaco GP is usually pretty boring due to lack of overtaking, but throw in some rain and things get very interesting.
  5. Hopefully it's caught on video so they can label it "Mizzy Gets His Haid Blown Off".
  6. I definitely miss seeing the fall colors in Upstate NY.
  7. DonS

    Positive news story

    Love this: https://www.wfae.org/united-states-world/2023-05-27/a-service-dog-gets-his-own-college-diploma-winning-huge-cheers
  8. DonS

    Cancel Bud Light!

    He still has man parts, right? So he's basically a mentally ill heterosexual.
  9. 100% on the ball court. Very cool.
  10. Wife and I had our honeymoon in Cancun. Took bus ride out to Chichen Itza. Very cool. I also spent 5 months in the lovely Herat province of Afghanistan for work. Quite the sh1t hole but an experience I'll never forget.
  11. #metoo Or tweak it to Washington Team of Football. WTF baby.
  12. DonS

    Cancel the Dodgers 100%

    Sthop you thilly man! People wouldn't be able to see their fabulous face paint under a burka.
  13. DonS

    Cancel Target

    You spelled kvnt wrong
  14. DonS

    Survivor is back - 44th season

    Does Jeff Probst still entice cute chicks to get naked for chocolate and peanut butter?