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  1. DonS

    NYG hire Jason Garrett - OC

    Is he still being paid by Jerry under the table to keep NYG down?
  2. DonS

    Pornhub lawsuit!!

    Man, if you watch a bukkake vid it probably sounds like Saving Private Ryan with loads whizzing past your head from every direction. INCOMING!!!!
  3. DonS

    Pornhub lawsuit!!

    Oooh! Good idea. I just bought some nice new ones. Only problem is they're noise canceling so I won't be able to hear if my wife is coming up the stairs.
  4. DonS

    RIP Neil Peart

    Good joke, but I think this belongs in the Friday Laughs thread.
  5. DonS

    Weird experience - massage

    You must've at least gotten hard when she grabbed your crank. How long did you think about it before saying "no"?
  6. DonS

    Pornhub lawsuit!!

    "Ah! So this is an original screenplay about a poor catholic school girl that really needs to pass her math class. What a gripping storyline!"
  7. DonS

    Weird experience - massage

    Ask for Bruce next time. I'm sure he's down with that.
  8. DonS

    Obummer solves Iran

    True. I felt certain he would've responded to my legitimate legal question in that thread.
  9. DonS

    Pornhub lawsuit!!

    I'm sure the lawyer will respond that while they do have some CC content it doesn't satisfy his client's need for CC interracial midget scat and torture p0rn.
  10. DonS

    Obummer solves Iran

    Speaking of which... I don't recall seeing any posts from him in a little while. Did he flee or get banned?
  11. DonS

    Pornhub lawsuit!!

    Uggghhh. Uggggh. Harder. Deeper. Uggghhh. They could just make one generic CC track and it would probably cover 90% of any "dialog". When does the lawsuit from blind people get filed?
  12. She could portray the "trailer trash skank" model.
  13. I wouldn't mind a reboot where Vicky is a grown up sex bot. As long as they make it a female and not an inclusive mix du jour.
  14. I'm sure there will be a follow up article about homelessness caused by lack of affordable housing, at least that's the standard M.O. in Seattle Times' "reporting".