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  1. DonS

    I have Cancer :/

    Feel free to send any of his questions regarding poosay eating cancer (and treatment) my way.
  2. DonS

    [** Official President Joe Biden Thread **]

    So now Joe has dyslexia to go with his dementia? Maybe they need to use a bigger (yet certified non-racist!!!!) font on the teleprompter.
  3. So the Center for Disease Control is now an expert on social issues???
  4. DonS

    [** Official President Joe Biden Thread **]

    C’mon man! Joe can't remember what he had for breakfast so we shouldn't hold him accountable for anything he said while on the campaign trail.
  5. DonS

    I have Cancer :/

    Fuuuuuccccckkkkkk. Keep fighting, man.
  6. DonS

    I like this girls drumming style

    I like this gal's "lack of wearing a bra" style. Nice and jiggly. Face is a bit meh, but that's not what I'm looking at. https://www.instagram.com/p/CJWlB6xqMhH/?igshid=1074b1xk5xkby
  7. Watch out for them muthafockin' grues!
  8. DonS

    United Airlines: Safety is no longer first

    Oh you're right! My gender bias only made me think of the male part of the term and not the recipient. I need another corporate mandated online training course ASAP!!!!
  9. DonS

    United Airlines: Safety is no longer first

    Their 2nd priority is changing this obvious misogynistic and archaic term to be more inclusive of "people experiencing having a vagina"** ** can't call them "women" or else the trannies will protest
  10. DonS

    Lily from AT&T commercials is ...

    Fingers crossed that she'll wise up and realize that she is irrelevant without hetero men liking her for her cute face and awesome tittays. Then in order to "prove" that she has the "power" she hits the gym and then posts some empowering nekkid pics.
  11. Ahhh... Memories of a simpler time.
  12. Someone needs to tell Biden that Harris immediately yelled "NOT IT!" when he brought up finding someone to handle the crisis. Based on official playground rules established during the 1950s she is therefore off the hook.
  13. DonS

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

    So good! So good! (and now you have covid)
  14. **aside from the one dude - that we know about - that they killed