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  1. Another good non-bar choice. Always cracks me up whenever I think about how the yellow peanut M&M in the commercials is voiced by a brutal neo-nazi.
  2. Reese's peanut butter cups are my hands down favorite. If I must choose a "bar" I'd probably go with Crunch/Krackle.
  3. DonS

    ***Happy Football Day Week 3****

    Are you going to re-use your outfit from this year's Pride parade?
  4. DonS

    ***Happy Football Day Week 3****

    Good start for me and my Chubb
  5. Martha's Vineyard will scramble some F-16s next time any unexpected flights approach their airspace.
  6. I learned something today! I didn't realize Spotify was from Sweden. The more you know.
  7. DonS

    Trans Kids

    All these terms requires an LGBTQ decoder ring... Pre-op trans women = dudes before getting their cacks chopped off??? So shoving a finger up a pretend woman's ass then???
  8. DonS

    Oh holy crap

    That covers the sexuality part, but not the rest. How about "NSA" for "not straight attention-seeker"?
  9. DonS

    Trans Kids

    What the hell is "muffing"???
  10. DonS

    Oh holy crap

    Well done sir
  11. DonS

    Oh holy crap

    I want to know why they get two characters? Isn't the number 2 clear enough that it stands for "Two spirit"?
  12. Love the Dresden Files. I sorta lost track of the series awhile back when I had read all the currently available ones. Not sure how many new books have come out since then. Big fan of Butcher's Codex Alera series as well.