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  1. DonS

    Food justice???

    Libs are really diluting the word "justice". I have now been informed that the latest justice topic is "food justice" : https://www.seattletimes.com/education-lab/seattle-teenagers-get-a-crash-course-in-new-chopping-skills-food-justice-issues-at-community-cooking-classes/ (use private mode to get around paywall)
  2. Luxury rooms with gorgeous views, yes. Rather than waste space with an exercise bike (aren't we already all in great shape?) I use it as my harem room. That's where all your moms and wives wait until it's their turn to service me.
  3. You're one of those azzholes that has a special luxury room with a gorgeous view to house their exercise bike?
  4. DonS

    Mike Vick ESPN 30 for 30

    Well to be fair, dog fighting/cruelty isn't part of a white player's "culture" so kind of a moot point.
  5. DonS

    Mike Vick ESPN 30 for 30

    You had me at "he should die".
  6. DonS

    Dress shirts

    Thank God I work in an office where I don't need to wear a shirt and tie. I only put on a dress shirt for special occasions / deaths.
  7. DonS

    Mike Vick ESPN 30 for 30

    Definitely not to any dog owners.
  8. DonS

    CIA is next level

    Using this to spy on other countries is brilliant, as that is what CIA is supposed to do. Using it against US citizens, on the other hand, is an entirely different thing.
  9. DonS


    Bought tickets in order to see Gojira and continuing to listen to Deftones on shuffle. A bunch of their songs remind me of Smashing Pumpkins, with breathy vocals that sound a lot like Billy Corgan (at least to me). My daughter will definitely enjoy them. I might just walk out and grab a couple beers during their set if I find myself getting bored.
  10. DonS


    Has anyone seen these guys live, or otherwise have an opinion on them? My daughter gave me a heads up that they're touring this summer with Gojira opening. Will probably get tickets just to see Gojira again, as they're focking awesome. Listening to Deftones on Spotify and they're "OK" but am hoping that a good live show will help make them more interesting. From what I've read about them it sounds like they started out as "nu metal" (which I'm pretty meh on) but they've changed a bit over time.
  11. Are you picturing her with or without her chompers visible?
  12. DonS

    Sofia Verga (early 90s)

    Or "aye wrong hole!!!"
  13. I only watched the first debate(s). Was she on stage when they did the show of hands of who would give free healthcare to illegals? Has she supported reparations in any shape or form?
  14. DonS

    Liquor prices

    @supermike80, have you ever had Laphroaig Select? Picked up a bottle the other day along with a bottle of 10 yr. Similar price point as it was only ~$6 more. Not bad. Slightly less peat. Still prefer 10 yr, though. https://www.totalwine.com/spirits/scotch/single-malt/laphroaig-select/p/145179750-1?glia=true&s=1405&pid=cpc:Shopping+US+WASH+ENG+SPART:::google:&gclid=CjwKCAiAvonyBRB7EiwAadauqd9vcQhRrtzSvkpL911k58lqKHpVtbvkk5nRDWdRYycAArPWRF6sHBoC_lIQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds
  15. If it was me it would be good music. Plus I'm not that old (yet).
  16. DonS

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

    Dammit, you're right.
  17. DonS

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

    Need to send Bruce Willis back in time to stop this before it gets out of hand.
  18. DonS

    Food justice???

  19. Nice rack. Any debates between the two should include a swimsuit competition.
  20. DonS

    V D Plans?

    I'll save that for National H0mo day. There's gotta be one of those already, right?
  21. DonS

    V D Plans?

    I plan to spread it to all your wives and moms.
  22. DonS

    Food justice???

    OMG!!! I just realized I've been a victim as well. While in college I had to survive on ramen. To make it more of a meal I would scoop the noodles onto saltines to make it last longer and fill me up. I even had to drink cheap azz swill beer! I'm surprised I made it thru this horrible injustice, but it haunts me to this day.
  23. DonS

    V-Day plans?

    Yep, same here. After 25 yrs we don't do much aside from cards and maybe dinner. I did actually buy a nice card ahead of time vs just grabbing a funny one the day before. I've never ordered anything from a FB ad, but when I saw the following I had to order it. https://postimg.cc/RNqKDLw0 She'll get a kick out of that since she likes Jeff Goldblum for some reason.
  24. DonS

    Food justice???

    When does whitey get to fight for "genital justice"? A disproportionate number of white dudes have smaller cacks than our AA counterparts!!! It's un-fair!!!! The Asian-American brotherhood can take part as well. (As a geek club member since 1999 I obviously don't have this issue, as I passed the "must have 10+ inch peemus" to join)