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  1. 6 hours ago, NorthernVike said:

    They're handling out computers this week here.  Providing internet to those that don't  have it.  Should be online schooling next week.  It'd be dumb to end the year across the state because some schools can't figure it out.  But you never know with the dumbfuck governor we have in Minnesota. 

    THIS. Our school district in WA did this very thing when they decided to close their schools on their own. Gave out chromeboooks and wifi hotspots for any student that needed it.  Our teachers, including my wife who is a PT for special needs kids, were doing online schooling via Zoom. 

    Things were going OK until Inslee shut down schools in the 3 counties around Seattle.  Since the more "diverse" Seattle city schools couldn't provide the same type of teaching we had to stop what was working in our district, because it isn't "equitable". Silly of us parents to approve and pay levies in our district to ensure we had good technology for our kids.

  2. I might be in the minority, but I really enjoy RJD led Sabbath.  Nothing against Ozzy, but it's probably from hearing way more Ozzy Sabbath on the radio and RJD Era being when I started buying albums as a kid. 

    I decided to go with Mob Rules over Heaven and Hell primarily because of "Sign of the Southern Cross" and "Falling Off the Edge of the World".  G0ddamn those are great songs, and the fact that "The Mob Rules" always makes me think of the movie Heavy Metal. 


  3. 2 hours ago, avoiding injuries said:

    Although there’s no money assigned to it, early voting expansion and same day voter registration is is their holy grail in this bill. 

    Seattle added same day voter registration for local elections.  Very odd how the long standing socialist (for real) on Seattle City Council was losing bigly on early returns but then miraculously ended up winning. I'm sure it had zero to do with her folks rounding up the homeless to register and vote for her. Simply a coincidence. 


  4. 1 minute ago, NorthernVike said:

    What does his "shutdown " include.  I focking hate that term.

    Well he called it "Stay Home. Stay Safe" which makes it sounds so positive.  Basically same deal as other states.  No gatherings. Limit travel. Only "essential" businesses open which includes restaurants for take out.  TBD what it means for liquor stores, breweries, etc. 


  5. 2 hours ago, supermike80 said:

    Wife got a "critical employee" letter from her work. 

    Then she got home...got a call..and got furloughed. 

    Keeps her benefits..which is nice. Company says its absolutely temporary. 

    All cause we shut the state down.

    Washington state hasnt shut down.  

    Whatever. we will be fine.  Minimum 3 week vacation.  

    Again..glad we practice saving.  This is why we do it.  For the emergencies.  And vacations.  🙂

    Inslee just ordered shutdown of WA about an hour ago.  Starts in 48 hrs. 

  6. Guess I'll find out shortly.  Inslee just issued shutdown order, but it's happily called "Stay Home. Stay Safe" because anything else might make people scared.  While I focking hate Inslee I must admit his speech was pretty good and calm, which frankly surprised me. 

    We knew he was going to speak tonight so earlier I stopped by my favorite brewery to get several bottles and tip the gal (I'm guessing Cs) a $20 since she needs it much more than we do.  I asked her if a shutdown order will screw the brewery since they don't serve food. She doesn't know.  At least they have 48 hrs before it goes into effect. 

    For those wondering I bought a barrel aged milk stout, a Belgian trippel, and several varieties of fagg0tty IPAs with fagg0ty names: Enabler is their ISA, Intervention is their DIPA, and Wicked Pissah is their NEIPA. :cheers:

  7. 35 minutes ago, Hardcore troubadour said:

    Fight about the money to workers vs corporations.  Fine. The other horsespit is flat wrong. No debating it. Solar panels and diversity. Stfu. 

    Diversity?  How so? 

  8. 1 hour ago, jerryskids said:

    Number of the Beast, Piece of Mind, and Powerslave were a great run while I was in HS.  I was 15 when Number came out and it was my intro to Maiden; I was hooked unlike any other metal acts.  Run to the Hills and Hallowed be Thy Name are on my short list of songs from any bands which are on my workout mix.  :cheers:

    I had my daily radiation treatment playlist, as the techs would play whatever music you brought in.  My playlist was Maiden heavy due to the Bruce Dickinson throat cancer connection.  First song on the playlist was Hallowed Be Thy Name followed by Powerslave.  I made sure and asked if it was okay if I moved my fingers as it helped me relax and it's hard not to do some air bass when Steve Harris is kicking ass. :headbanger:

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