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  1. 8 minutes ago, Hardcore troubadour said:

    I was at Safeco about ten -twelve years ago. Real nice place, nice people. Went into some sort of video thing they had set up and it was about the 1995 wildcard. People were real nice. My friends and I couldn’t believe they had ushers that stopped you from going to your seat until the at bat was over. Very cool. Hot dog alley was great too. Saw a night game and a sunny Saturday game. Everyone kept saying how lucky we were. 

    Oh yeah, those old fockers that work as ushers take their job very seriously.  Won't even let you move down when there are a sh1t load of empty seats.  Holding people up until there's a break between batters is nice though. 

  2. 18 minutes ago, riversco said:

    Baseball is a billion miles past every other sport.  I go to many games every year.  I visit other cities to see games in other parks because the sport is a little different in every park and the parks are stunningly beautiful in some cases.  Every NBA arena and NFL stadium is basically the same.    When you know the sport, there is a lot going on to keep track of. 

    Someday I hope to catch a foul ball.  I came close once.  I was in the lower deck and it was drifting my way.  I got right under it.  But it kept drifting and landed like 1-2 rows into the upper deck. 

    Even as sh1tty as M's have and will forever be, nothing beats a sunny day at the ballpark.  Taking off work for a midweek day game is the best.  Nice thing about Safeco (oops, I mean T-mobile Park) is I usually buy "cheapest" tix and then simply watch from different spots on the concourse as everything is wide open.  An inning or two in left/center over the bullpens, then near third, and finally behind home plate.  All while paying out the azz for craft beer.

    I was lucky enough to be back east for work when M's were playing Nationals so I caught a couple games at their ballpark. 

    All told I voted for MLS because I'm a flaming homosexual season ticket holder for Sounders matches and I miss going to CenturyLink for games. 

  3. Watched the first episode last night.  Wow.  How many teeth does Joe's "husband" have left in his red neck skull? 

    Also found it hilarious how the list of warnings were "language, smoking, animal harm".  With all the focked up sh1t going on some people will be offended by smoking??? 

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  4. 35 minutes ago, vuduchile said:


    I can’t understand how anyone finds her attractive, much less hot.

    She’s just a pasty white trailer parker that cusses like a sailor.

    She’s great for show but c’mon.  

    Wendy is Marty's wife.  You're thinking of Ruth. 

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  5. 25 minutes ago, joneo said:

    OK...I heard a RUMOR...   maybe someone here can verify or shoot it down. Rumor has it that the Demoncratic party could nominate Biden as their candidate. Once this happens, he could "resign" or some crap from the nomination citing "health reasons" (yes, I know, he is unhealthy) Supposedly, this leaves the demoncratic party the ability to appoint. Someone like Clinton or Coumo???   Help me out Geeks

    What about Bernie?  Everyone is already getting a warm up for his socialism utopia. 

  6. Thankfully our district is going to restart online teaching on Monday.  Don't know what other districts will do to handle "inequity", but at least the state is no longer preventing everyone from teaching because of it.

    In the words of the great philosopher Judge Smails: "The world needs ditch diggers, too". 


  7. 1 hour ago, Reality said:

    It will be all of S3, stoked.

    About to finish Handmaid's Tale with the wife, that is one focked up show. So, good timing.

    Love Ozark.  Handmaid's Tale is good as well.  Elisabeth Moss is great.