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  1. smperry

    Higgins or LaPorta

    Higgins vs KC or Laporta vs Dallas So tough to decide here. Flip a coin?
  2. smperry

    Kadarius Toney

    With Kelce out, what should we expect from Toney? All opinions welcomed!
  3. smperry

    Trade advice - CMC vs Diggs

    Higgins, AJ Brown Stevenson, Mixon OTB Pittman, Sutton No other real RB's OTB (Benjamin)
  4. smperry

    Trade advice - CMC vs Diggs

    Straight up trade which side would you rather have?
  5. smperry

    Flex help

    Thank you
  6. smperry

    Flex help

    Just need to choose 1. Antonio Brown Tee Higgins Ronald Jones Brandon Cooks Thanks
  7. smperry

    Playoff Fantasy website

    Good call! Original!
  8. smperry

    Playoff Fantasy website

    Anyone know of a good FF site for NFL playoffs? Thanks
  9. smperry

    MNF RB - who would you start?

    Full PPR. Thanks
  10. Can only start one. I read Moss is active tonight. With that in mind please choose one. Im guessing these three are a toss up. Moss Singletary Stevenson Thanks!!
  11. smperry

    Ingram vs Wilson - Pick one

    Mark Ingram vs PHL Jeff Wilson vs JAX Cant decide. Thanks!!
  12. smperry

    Elliot vs Jones

    Just did Elliot and Herbert for Jones and Wilson Pretty even I guess
  13. smperry

    Elliot vs Jones

    I have Elliot and was thinking about offering him for Aaron Jones? Should I?
  14. smperry

    League scoring change advice

    Thanks. Did just that, but we'll keep it free, it works for us. Also added one point per reception.
  15. smperry

    League scoring change advice

    We are old school, 12 good buddies, free but competitive league(now) and have never make changes to scoring or setup in 25 years. 1qb, 2wrs, 2rbs, 1te, 1k, 1d. Plus 5 bench players. I would like to add in a flex player or two and maybe even points per reception. Anything else to spice it up? What do you suggest that has worked the best for your league? Thank you.