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    going to flex position

    we have had a vanilla 12 team league for about 10 years. non ppr, 6 points on all td's, 2 qb's & te's & k's & d's. 4 rb's & wr's. nonflex. tons of fun & beers. the guys are thinking about going flex. if we do and since we are adding another starter, should we have more than 16 rounds in the draft, like 18? we have never done flex before. any suggestions? thanks much.
  2. larrymcirish

    shonn greene

    i'm wondering if the big payday for jones ($5 mil.)?) + his age isn't going to lead to his release & leave green & washington. i understand that jones had a good year in 2009 but i'm thinking green could do it, too. love him as a #2 rb without jones in the mix.
  3. larrymcirish

    Sunday Night Football Weather Alert

    thank you very much for pointing this out. i'm in our super bowl & steve smith & matt cassel may or may not be involved. now i can keep an eye on the situation. happy holidays.
  4. larrymcirish

    Sunday Night Football Weather Alert

    me, to. need to keep an eye on this. i'm is our super bowl against my arrogant oldest son. i do have marshall & colston to rely on but i hate to sit steven smif.
  5. larrymcirish

    deadline for roster changes

    thanks for the feedback. all of our 12 teams continue to play thru this weekend. most are out of the $ but like to take 1 last shot. 4 of 12 have $ implications this weekend. so far, no shady dealings detected. i was just wondering if some leagues might, for good reason, stop all roster adds/drops at some point. like 1 week prior to playoss, for example.
  6. larrymcirish

    deadline for roster changes

    our league does not have a stop date on roster changes. we go to our super bowl this week (with others still playing, two games for $). do you think we should have a cutoff & when? this is a pretty close group & no shady transactions so far.
  7. larrymcirish

    What I HATE about fantasy football...

    when you say "total points", is that just active players or bench players also?
  8. larrymcirish

    Would anyone start SJax over...

    s-jax was my #1 pick (duh). he has had 1 good gam all year. i would not take a chance on him.
  9. larrymcirish


    maybe i'll play. maybe i won't. what a pain in the a$$.
  10. larrymcirish

    Are you playing your Chargers and Saints this weekend?

    so are you saying that if you have an approximately equal (at this point of the season, santonio holmes & marques colston), go with the guy that doesn't have jet lag?
  11. larrymcirish

    Fred Taylor on MJD

    perhaps. but i don't see mjd being a fantasy starter splitting evenly w. taylor.
  12. larrymcirish

    Ram Fans - Do you believe?

    so, are they going to play good enough for s-jax to be an every week player? one game a season does not make.
  13. larrymcirish

    Matt Forte

    forte is carring me. my #1 s-jax has not done anything, jones-drew is pitiful when i play him, great when i bench him. i'm rolling with forte & slayton. can't think of anyone that would be on the wire & don't see anyone in my league looking for the right deal. after my dumb-a** first 2 picks, i'm o.k.
  14. larrymcirish

    Colston OUT

    i think this is great news. the guy that drafted colston in our league dropped him when he got hurt. my 4th wr sucked so i put colston on my bench. everything i read said "maybe week 8". i've got marshall & steve smith so i was able to wait but now i have choices. i'll not play him this week. i want to see how he does. if i did not have marshall & smith, i'd go with colston.
  15. larrymcirish

    marques colston

    i picked him up as my wr #4 after the guy that originally drafted him dropped him after his thumb injury. does anybody have any info on when he might return?