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  1. timozbuck

    Collusion or Not? - DraftKings

    I’d be shocked if the reality couple were not still paid out under the table after signing a non litigation settlement.
  2. timozbuck

    Week 15 Scoop and Play WR - Playoff Edition

    Agholar (if he’s active) could have a big game with the Eagles down to basically nothing at WR.
  3. timozbuck

    No More DirectTv !! Have Hulu now. Any suggestions

    VPN is a good idea. Red zone channel is on it. Never used Gears but most likely would go through firestick.
  4. Moncrief in the lead so far.
  5. timozbuck

    No More DirectTv !! Have Hulu now. Any suggestions

    No I don’t, but plenty do. Not difficult to find sellers. Actually, discounts are given if service is purchased in 3, 6, or 12 month blocks.
  6. timozbuck

    No More DirectTv !! Have Hulu now. Any suggestions

    Google iptv and thank me later. All sports in HD including the pay per views.
  7. timozbuck

    Is Antonio Brown a keeper this season?

    I’d try and trade OBJ for a RB and keep Ab. He’s going to be force fed the ball.
  8. timozbuck

    No More DirectTv !! Have Hulu now. Any suggestions

    Iptv...works like a charm
  9. timozbuck

    Last Man Standing / knockout pool 2018 thread

    Week 2 I’m leaning Chargers @ Bills
  10. timozbuck

    J. Conner-- trade value?

    12 team, 0.5 PPR I gave Conner and Cole I received Hogan Started draft taking DJ, Mixon, Freeman so needed the upgrade at WR.
  11. timozbuck


    Really high on the Kumerow kid from GB as a breakout. There is a reason Cobb is available.
  12. timozbuck

    Pre-Season Week 2

    James Conner looks a lot better than last season. He’s a must for the Bell owner. Another year past his cancer recovery plus he’s dropped some weight and is noticeably quicker this season.
  13. timozbuck

    Andrew Luck - What are owners expecting?

    Hilton ADP is already mid 3rd in a 12 team ppr. I have no reservations taking him at the 2/3 turn in a similar setup. I’d rather have Hilton than Hill, Thielen, or Diggs.
  14. timozbuck


    Any chance Rex sees some time in the slot if Amendola is out an extended time? Obviously this would be significant in ppr leagues.
  15. timozbuck

    $100 12 team ppr league draft results

    I hate your draft other than your 1st pick. Probably worst team in the league. Wrong forum btw.