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  1. wizbang

    What's up in Denver?

    I put my money on Sanders. Thomas looks suddenly slow.
  2. wizbang

    Chris Carson.....

    Dropped him in both leagues. I have a hard time seeing him getting enough touches to be serviceable in a terrible RB offense.
  3. wizbang

    Aaron Jones or Clement

    Clement in dynasty if you can. Sproles is going to retire and Ajayi is headed to free agency. I could see the Eagles drafting someong but think they give Clement a solid tryout this year. If it goes well, he could be the feature RB on an elite (Wentz led) offense.
  4. wizbang

    Was anybody as dumb as me week 1?

    To answer your question, no. I think you won week 1 in dumbness.
  5. wizbang

    Bell - The conversation we should be having.

    I think he’s making the best financial decision. Play 8 games for $7M and keep the touch count below 250. He envisioned the Steelers giving him 450 touches and he was right to assume that. Two straight 400 touch seasons and teams shy away in free agency. $7M is not a lot of guaranteed money. He will get that based on half a season and teams know the Steelers handled this in a way ALL players hate. Bell was willing to be a 400 touch guy, he just wanted some guaranteed money in case the Steelers ran his career in to the dirt. As a Lions fan, I hope they sign and pay Bell this offseason and we never see a Riddick play again, ever.
  6. wizbang

    Waiver Wire receiver

    Enunwa is the clear #1 waiver wire. 10 targets on 21 attempts is insane usage. Sometimes 21 attempts is a warning sign but the Jets aren’t going to blow out teams this year. That game was a fluke of Lions magnitude (Lions fan here, seen this too many times). The Jets will not run that well against other teams and their D will come back to earth as well. I suspect Darnold will be a 30-35 attempt guy most weeks.
  7. wizbang

    Derek Carr...........

    As Carr checked down to underneath receivers on nearly every play, I recalled the days of Warrick Dunn and Charlie Garner. Those were check down teams as well so Im surprised to see Gruden speak out. He was clearly fine and successful feeding underneath backs for those teams. Garner caught 72 passes one season. He made Alstott fantasy relevant. Tim Brown and Joey Galloway were good to great as well so its not all bad news for Cooper. That Richard guy seems like hes made for the Gruden offense. Lynch, not so much.
  8. wizbang

    Convince me I'm wrong

    That’s the one thing he’s absolutely without doubt wrong about. No idea on his lineup question, it’s fantasy, make your call and nut up.
  9. wizbang

    Le’Veon Bell - The hold out continues!

    He’s holding out because Pittsburgh didn’t even pretend their intention was anything other than running him until the wheels fall off (destroying his FA value) and then promptly cutting him in the offseason.
  10. wizbang

    Who will be waiver wire gold this year?

    I’m only picking guys less than 40% owned in Yahoo and I won’t try to predict injury which we all know can change these lists quickly (think of a guy like Ware suddenly having value). QB. Case Keenum is only 30% owned but has three receivers drafted, two high and an on the rise RB. He was a QB1 last season. I see no reason to think he can’t repeat. RB. I only see three guys who could rise up without an injury. Corey Clement (26% owned in Yahoo). Tavon Austin (2%) who has an odd RB/WR designation. Jaylen Samuels. WR. Quincy Enunwa looked pretty study before his injury. Can he return to form and get decent QB play? Agree with others on Callaway. Tyrell Williams always seems to have a big week early. I feel like Curtis Samuel could outproduce DJ Moore. Geronimo Allison (10% owned) could have a James Jones season as the technical #3 in Green Bay.
  11. wizbang

    DT vs Coop

    Yes, I agree Cooper is the better pick but some of the Thomas criticism seems off. Thomas was the more efficient receiver versus Sanders each of the last two seasons. Better reception and yards per target rates. Both guys suffered from the Trevor Siemian era. Maybe Sutton emerges but I’d pencil Thomas in for 140 targets. With Keenum, that should top 1000 yards and 90 receptions. That is a WR2 pretty much every year. His ADP is 20th WR. That seems about right, with some upside depending on TDs.
  12. wizbang

    DT vs Coop

    Cooper for sure with Crabtree gone. Their O was a dumpster fire last year, it won’t take much for a Gruden to fix that. I think DT is a safer bet to be a back end WR2. That seems like his floor.
  13. wizbang

    Cobb on trade block - time for Allison?

    Pick him up. Half your roster will turn over by the end of the year and we will know on Allison by the end of week 2. Definition of a good gamble.
  14. McCaffrey, DJ Moore (not as a reach but definitely first rookie WR for me), Carson, Godwin. Barber also surprised.
  15. wizbang

    Doug Orth's Big Boards 2.0 - Top 200

    Exactly. He has deep speed and is physically impressive (read, can win jump balls). He just doesnt produce and bombed in LA. I feel he lacks natural receiver skills to compliment his measurables. Tyreek Hill is so much better its scary.