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  1. Keyser Sose

    Baltimore homers

    Heap is the perfect name for him.
  2. Keyser Sose

    Who is playing Jerious Norwood this week?

    Starting Norwood over Brenda Jacobs this week. I'm on a wing and a prayer at this point, but hoping for some Norwood magic.
  3. Keyser Sose

    Jerious Norwood - this sounds all too familiar.

    I got a good feeling about Norwood this week. Its HIS TIME TO SHINE. 15 carries, 118 yds, 1 TD 3 catches for 40 yds.
  4. Keyser Sose

    Wrong forum

  5. Keyser Sose

    The return of Samkon Gado

    Samkon Gado was born in a manger
  6. Keyser Sose

    What's Addai's status?

    Addai and Brenda are my two starting RBs drafted. I rule. New nickname? Joseph Addai to dai?
  7. Keyser Sose


    I have a 1% chance of a 1% chance of winning my league this year. Unless Starman shows up on the waiver wire.
  8. Keyser Sose

    BEst Drafted Team to not make playoffs

    now that's what I'm talkin abooot
  9. Keyser Sose

    BEst Drafted Team to not make playoffs

    OOOOOOOhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh snaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaappP!!! Thats a tough year... damn! That's a money team.
  10. Keyser Sose

    DJ Hackett

    Imagine how much better your/our teams would have been with a healthy DJ Hackett as a WR2 all year. WHere is the 'whining' emoticon?
  11. Keyser Sose

    Heap? Where for art thou?

    All I know is, "Heap" is a good name for him. injuries suck. it kinda ruins the fun of FF for me when every week I'm dealing with a new one. It would be nice to get a solid run of 3-4 weeks without an injury at any point during the season. Some years you can't catch a break and the FF gods just say F-U, U aint winning this year, I don't care how solid your draft was.
  12. Keyser Sose

    BEst Drafted Team to not make playoffs

    i know you don't care, but seriously, can i get some empathy? a little pat on the back. A little shucks, that's a tough break?
  13. Every year about this time I start crying about not making the playoffs. But come on, man, can I get some kind of support that this team shoulda? Kitna Addai Jacobs Chad 85 Dj Hackett / H Ward Heap / Heath Miller Patriots DST
  14. Keyser Sose

    Ron Dayne or Kolby Smith

    Look for Ron Dayne to go over 100 all purpose and probably/hopefully tack on a TD. Schaub/Andre3000 opens up the run game.
  15. Keyser Sose

    Kolby or KJ This Week?

    I'd agree here. Kolby is a wild card yet still the better start in this case. His downside is about the same as KJs downside, but his upside is much higher IMO. You need a little help from the football gods this week.