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  1. $epphori$

    to many good rbs, which one?

    when are you going to list the good RBs?
  2. $epphori$

    Brandin Cooks..................

    Brandin Cooks is of course a must start
  3. $epphori$

    Brandin Cooks..................

    I have a lot of trouble believing people really truly believe this. In the same breath you claim Gods glorious loving forgiving control over what happens. But then say we have free will lol free will to only sin?............... right? the fact people still fall for this barbaric ways and worshiping is what would please a God is very hard for people like me to take serious. The story of the garden of Eden is an edited version of the tablet of creation from ancient Sumer thousands of years before the bible was written. Before Moses, and yet the bible decided to leave out key parts that contradict the ways these beginning days were laid out. Again because this info is purposely ignored still to this day after more scientific proof to back up earlier stories of civilization. Again make it very hard to take religious beliefs serious anymore. I am sorry to be saying it, I was raised from birth to 20 years old living a protestant born again christian lifestyle. So trust me when I say to you I have lived both sides and I am awake. See you in the after life, we all go to the same place.
  4. $epphori$

    Gronk's new WWE video

    he needed the rest anyhow. It wont even effect the Pats in the least bit.
  5. $epphori$

    Andy Reid benching himself

    years ago when he ruined the eagles... and then retired
  6. $epphori$

    Any Teams 12-0 going into last regular season game?

    sorry wasnt on for sunday. Eh I got my ass kicked by the undefeated team again. Well I do end up with a decent 1st round playoff matchup. So hopefully I get another shot at him in superbowl
  7. $epphori$

    Gronk's new WWE video

    lol keep dreaming. funny how everyone calls for even more punishment when its a Patriot. I say if he doesnt stand for the national anthem they should hit em too.
  8. $epphori$

    Dede a Sleeper Wk 13?

    damn I thought my decision was tough, no wonder you easily answered mine. lol I try to always go with the better QB, then targets, then matchup on DF So in your case I would go Westbrook
  9. $epphori$

    Any Teams 12-0 going into last regular season game?

    cmon guys this game is for me to go to 9-4 and knock the un defeated team into the loss column to begin our playoffs next week. Who should I start as my WR3? Landry Westbrook Goodwin Corey Davis this is our matchup https://www.fleaflicker.com/nfl/leagues/191606/scores/36888528
  10. $epphori$

    Any Teams 12-0 going into last regular season game?

    sounds like a bunch of soy-boys. Glad you got out. No sense in dulling your fantasy football management skill playing against a bunch of tools. Right? Impressive season though you had last year...congrats
  11. $epphori$

    Dede a Sleeper Wk 13?

    we have struck out a few times already with Corey Davis, But this week I have Landry vs Den (Harris) or DeDe as my WR3. I have Goodwin too I can put in Who would u go with?
  12. $epphori$

    Any Teams 12-0 going into last regular season game?

    Crowder was a bad start for me but I still like my chances to spoil my buddies perfect season. He is gonna be 12-1
  13. $epphori$

    Any Teams 12-0 going into last regular season game?

    can u guys view this matchup? or is it private? curious what u guys think of the matchups https://www.fleaflicker.com/nfl/leagues/191606/scores/36888528