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  1. shredhead

    Handicapped stalls in the bathroom

    Handicapped stalls are not for handicapped people only. Anybody offended by a non handicapped person pooping in the handicapped stall please go read the first post in the snowflake thread and look in the mirror. Sheesh. A 4 page thread about this? Come on!
  2. shredhead

    Tie Breakers Multiple Teams (3+)

    What are some of your favorite board games? I'm fairly new to the gaming community, but I'm hooked. Some friends got me playing Aeon's End.... so much fun.......
  3. shredhead

    Tie Breakers Multiple Teams (3+)

    Division record shouldn't be a tie breaker for wild card berths because the teams that are tied might not be in the same division.
  4. shredhead

    Trade Robby Anderson for Hogan

    Agreed! I roster both albeit in different leagues. I feel better about my WR4 in the Anderson league than my WR4 in the Hogan League
  5. shredhead

    Can you guys educate me on Joe Mixon?

    I'm curious about your scoring system in this league. What round do starting left tackles usually start falling off the board in your draft. I used to dominate my keeper league when I had Jeff Saturday at Center, but I've been struggling to find a good replacement ever since he retired. FWIW, All sarcasm aside, the NFL may not have waivers in the playoffs, but teams can sign free agents.
  6. shredhead

    Can you guys educate me on Joe Mixon?

    If Brady goes down he'll probably lose in the playoffs anyway. Why do you need a backup QB in the playoffs? He can deal with the what ifs as they occur. If Brady goes down and it's bad enough then Brady becomes the person he drops for the shmuck de jour on the waiver wire. The shmuck de jour might be better than Tyrod anyway. I just happen to be in the same boat with Brady and Tyrod. If the right waiver target arises I won't hesitate to drop Tyrod and go into the playoffs with 1 QB, I've done it multiple times in the past.
  7. shredhead

    Robert Woods

    I looked at number of targets and rest of season schedule and chose Robby over Woods also. Time will tell which choice will end up being better. I mainly just needed bye week help, so hopefully I won't be kicking myself.
  8. shredhead

    Anyone else starting Danny Amendola @ DEN tonight?

    I'm wavering between him and Ameer Abdulah in my flex. ppr league, if the dink and dunk theory comes to fruition Amendola could be a decent flex play imo
  9. shredhead

    Seahawks at Cardinals: In-Game Discussion

    Road team on a short week, Am I crazy for sitting Jimmy Graham? I think I'm going with Evan Engram also on the road. Uggh. I hate these tough decisions.
  10. shredhead

    Winston droppable?

    Neither. You have Brady and he's already had his bye. Unless you play in a 2QB league. I'd grab a flyer at RB or WR, or else start looking ahead at matchups if you're streaming defense or any other position. If Brady happens to get hurt and you need a replacement you're probably screwed anyway, but there will always be some scrub with similar value to Dalton or Hundley.
  11. shredhead

    Thoughts on this trade that went through

    Well played sir!
  12. shredhead

    Tyrod tonight as a streamer

    Well those garbage time points saved me, Tyrod ended up being a good Brady replacement. Now I'm glad that I missed out on McCown on waivers. But why didn't you guys tell me I needed to bench Shady? Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, never bench your studs.........