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  1. c_Weezie

    Cooks or M. Bryant can't be wrong today

    I like Cooks. Please return the favor: Start Lockett or E. Sanders at WR2? WHIR
  2. Tyler Lockett vs. Cleveland or Emmanuel Sanders at Pittsburgh? Standard scoring, non-PPR Sanders has let me down past few weeks, tough decision, could make or break my chance to advance to the championship next week Leave a link, will help in return!!
  3. c_Weezie

    Looking like McCoy is gonna play.

    Thanks for the input, I agree. I have McCoy and Abdullah in the lineup, would only consider subbing out McCoy if his playing status changes b/w now and Sunday.
  4. c_Weezie

    Abdullah out of the doghouse?

    http://www.freep.com/story/sports/nfl/lions/2015/10/15/detroit-lions-ameer-abdullah-fumbles/74001232/ Lions staff saying that fumbles will not limit Abdullah's workload (yet). Reassuring for those of us short on options at RB this week.
  5. c_Weezie

    Looking like McCoy is gonna play.

    Ugh, I feel like it could be a Decoy as well. Picking two starters this week out of LeSean McCoy, Ameer Abdullah, and Ryan Mathews is not fun....
  6. Would anyone drop Ameer Abdullah for Allen??
  7. c_Weezie

    Hoarding positions

    I'm the commissioner of a 12 man league and we've had a pretty successful system for the past 10+ years. We have a short (5-man) bench, start 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1TE/K/DST. Max at each position: QB - 3 RB - 6 WR - 6 TE - 3 K - 3 D/ST - 3 The short bench naturally tamps down on stockpiling at any one position, and there is enough room at each position where it doesn't kill strategy. For example, about a month out from the playoffs I'll start looking at good D/ST match-ups weeks in advance b/c most guys are thinking on a week-to-week basis. I'll stash the 3 best D/ST's I can find b/c at that point you know if the flyer you took on a David Johnson-type player was going to play out, so you don't need 6 RBs. It's worked for us and I'm sure it could work in other leagues.
  8. c_Weezie

    Streaming D This Week

    Rolling with the Packers despite recent history against a completely different 49ers team.
  9. c_Weezie

    I'm trading Keenan Allen high!

    KA owner here. I will likely continue to hold KA for two main reasons: (1) No in one in my league values him enough to give me anyone worth trading KA away for (you aren't the only person aware of how boom/bust his past two seasons have been). (2) The guy is in his 3rd year in the NFL!!! Who's to say that this isn't the year he's put it all together? You certainly can't assert that after only 3 games. I wouldn't want to be the idiot that traded away a top 10 WR in his career breakout year for the type of crap some owners have offered me. I've heard enough news about KA "rededicating himself to football" this offseason to think he may make some breakthroughs, and the risk (i.e. the value I can get for him in the market) isn't worth taking.
  10. c_Weezie

    LeSean McCoy Likely Out Week 4

    Choo Choo! I'm on board the train. Certainly a better option than CJ Spiller or David Johnson.
  11. c_Weezie

    Ben Roethlisberger out 4-6 weeks. Sprained MCL

    Schefter reporting that he is expected to miss minimum of 4 weeks, hopeful it is not season ending. Fingers crossed
  12. c_Weezie

    David Johnson

    Also holding for a few more weeks until the situation becomes more clear. Very few available RBs worth putting on a roster, none worth dropping Johnson for imo.
  13. c_Weezie

    Shady McCoy

    Unfortunate, but good thing I have Karlos Williams too.
  14. c_Weezie

    Shady McCoy

    11 carries for 16 yards definitely qualify as "piss bum." I was just curious if the injury still appears to be nagging or if he is just a piss bum...
  15. c_Weezie

    Shady McCoy

    I didn't get the Bills/Dolphins game this week, so I would like a little insight on someone who has been watching the game. Does Shady still appear to be less than 100%? He's getting the bulk of the carries (11), but hasn't done much with them. Also seems like the Bills are spreading it around quite a bit in the run game. Any insight would be appreciated.