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  1. 0.5 ppr. Who has the higher upside? Sutton vs. Crowder Thanks for the help
  2. 0.5ppr, 6pts per TD Based on an option I have for who I keep, I could end up with one of the two teams below. Which situation do you prefer? (My RBs and TE will be the same no matter what, so I omitted them) Option 1: QB Aaron Rodgers WR Doug Baldwin WR Adam Thielen WR Jarvis Landry Option 2: QB (One of Rivers, Garoppollo, Ryan, someone in that tier when I draft) WR Antonio Brown WR Doug Baldwin WR Jarvis Landry The difference is the step down at QB vs the step up from Thielen to Antonio Brown. Thanks.
  3. 0.5 PPR. Must start 1 RB, 3 WR and 1 RB/WR flex RB: Kamara, Gordon, T Coleman, D Lewis WR: Crabtree, Landry, Bryant, M Lee, T Ginn, R Matthews Should I drop Dion Lewis and grab Ekeler as a handcuff? I'd have backup RBs in Kamara, Tevin Coleman and Ekeler as my only addition to Gordon. Or should I drop Matthews instead? Or just leave Ekeler alone? Thanks for the thoughts.
  4. I could use some advice. In a 0.5 ppr I have to start two of: Pierre Garcon vs. DAL Alvin Kamara @ GB Jarvis Landry vs NYJ Tevin Coleman @ NE Thanks for the help.
  5. Which side wins this trade? Only need to start one.
  6. So, I'm in the situation of deciding to keep Rawls or Martin, without all the details Martin would cost me slightly, not a lot, but slightly more. It is a 1/2 ppr league. I'm torn between which to keep. Since Martin costs me more, I lean Rawls, but I might just be overhyping him just to convince myself to go with the "cheaper" guy.
  7. I'm torn on the values of Doug Martin and Thomas Rawls. Martin's 4 years have been up then down then back up. Rawls has the injury issue and christine michael hype, but he has a lot of potential. Doug Martin is the consensus pick between the two, but is he clearly the better pick? What do you think about these two? Is it crazy to take Rawls over Martin, or is Martin hands down a better pick?
  8. I can only pick up one guy on our league's WW. In a 0.5 ppr league, which has the best rest of the way potential: Dion Lewis, Travis Benjamin, Michael Crabtree? I'm afraid of falling for fools gold. Thanks for your thoughts on these three guys!
  9. This might be strange to ask about the 2016 season, but my keeper team is that bad this year. Which situation for next season would be best? 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 K... 0.5 ppr Both options have AJ Green, Brandin Cooks and Jimmy Graham. The difference is Todd Gurley+Keenan Allen vs. Dez Bryant. Thanks for any thoughts. A. RB Todd Gurley WR AJ Green* WR Brandin Cooks* WR Keenan Allen TE Jimmy Graham* OR B WR Dez Bryant WR AJ Green* WR Brandin Cooks* TE Jimmy Graham*
  10. I have to cut one of these three guys, what order would you cut them? .5ppr and I am a McCoy owner, so sproles could handcuff. My other rb are Alfred Morris and Chris Johnson.
  11. ouradu


    we overdraft then have roster cuts. I can only keep one.
  12. ouradu

    Is Steven Jackson being under valued ?

    I have the option of sjax, Darren sproles, or deangelo Williams, .5ppr, and I am a McCoy owner, so sproles is a hc. Where does sjax sit in this group? I'm leaning sjax, but just not sure.
  13. ouradu


    nm delete me
  14. I have a shot at one free agent in my league and want to take a chance on getting a late late sleeper. If Gordon is out, will Austin be big? or do I take the chance on Hurns? 0.5 ppr 1/10yds Leave a link. Thanks
  15. These four all have a downside in my mind. How do you rank Foster, Lynch, Gerhart and Morris in ppr?