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  1. Filled. Thanks!
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    Filled. Thanks!
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    Open Team

    Team is now filled, Thank you!
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    Open Team

    Looks like the cut/paste job did not work for the links posted. I have fixed the links and they should now work.
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    Open Team

    Hello, $75 league; Team filled, Thanks!
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    Open Team

    filled, thx
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  8. very interested. scoring? roster requirements? djb916420@yahoo.com
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    Dynasty League

    Im interested, sending u an email now. Thanks.
  10. If u have watched turner play u wouldnt say he is overhyped. I see alot of other guys being overhyped into the first round like Addai, Maroney, MJD. I would say those guys are overhyped if anything. Maroney hasnt even put up a 1k season, yet he is being takin in the first round of intial dynasty drafts. Turner hasnt even shown us what he could do given a full load. He is playing behind the best Rb in the Nfl.