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  1. DocNiner

    Second WR Question: Houston WR’S

    I think he represents better value at his current ADP. As stated the Texans O-line will be better than Cincy's. He's probably not gonna face.many 8 in the box.given the receiving corps the Texans have with Diggs,Collins and Dell. Defense are.gonna be more worried about them than the run game game so there should be some good holes for Mixon to run through. He won't get a ton of passes his way but enough that.he can do.somethjng with them. Overall I think he'll have a lot better production this year with the Texans than he had last year with the Bengals. Plus he's not old for an.RB yet.
  2. DocNiner

    Second WR Question: Houston WR’S

    I agree that Mixon and Stroud are the guys you want from the Texans. Too much going on in the WR group for me in terms of value. I'm.also.drinking the koolaid on the Texans defense.
  3. DocNiner

    WR Aiyuk: Trade Me

    San Fran has stated emphatically that they were not going to trade him. I don't think the 49ers get back to the superbowl if they trade him. Yes, I agree that Aiyuk is making a big mistake asking to be traded. He has said that he wants to go the Commanders or Pittsburgh. Lynch and Shanahan are NOT gonna give him to one of the 2 teams he wants to go to. In the event that they do somehow trade I think the most likely scenario would be they send to to the New England Patriots and see how much he likes it there. Plus the Patriots have the most cap space and could afford to trade for him. Aiyuk should realize that the grass is not always greener kn the other side. Still I think he's worth 30 mil but he wants more. I don't think the 49ers want to pay that much but they should because he is a big reason the 49ers are as good as they are. San Fran will also not trade him to a team they think could go deep in the playoffs. I still say the likely place for him is in New England. I hope he gets that bag and stays in San Fran but this saga is not yet over.
  4. DocNiner

    Jordan Addison Arrested

    I have to agree. While Jefferson is super talented all the skills he has won't.mean squat.if the QB can't get him the ball. I don't.trust Darnold. JJ's chances are better with McCarrthy in the game. I'll let someone else go.after JJ in the 2st round. Still too many question marks IMO.
  5. DocNiner

    Jordan Addison Arrested

    Jefferson's value up and Addison's down. Probably get a 3 game suspension yet I'm.still.dropping him down in rankings. After his 2023 year he looked promising. Not so much now.
  6. DocNiner

    RBs that will be available in round 4

    Certainly there will be some decent rbs going into the 4th round. There' a few mentioned I like. Even with all the receiving options in Houston Mixon could do well for you. Racaad White has upped his receiving game.and should be as good as last year. I know the Steelers have 2rbs.to carry the load in Warren.and Harris yet Najee Harris has extra incentive being in a contract year. Looking for a Longshot and not necessarily your 2nd rb but maybe a 3rd, Raiders RB Zamir White. Not much behind him so he'll get the bulk of carries. He did good filling in for Jacobs. Only concern would be how good will the passing game be and who's the QB. White may get some.stacked boxes but I still like him
  7. DocNiner

    the other RBs

    I think.you'rr probably right Worms. No doubt he's talented yet they will ease him.back into things. I'll monitor his progress once camp begins and see h I w he holds up. At the end of July he'll be 10 months removed from his injury. Yes, young guys tend to heal quicker so his prognosis looks good. If he gets through camp unscathed he could get some carries week1. Then if all goes well they'll ramp up his involvement. Possibly by week 5 he could be the main ball carrier. I'm not gonna count on him to.even be my rb2 early kn but he'll get into my lineup the more he shows me and he could be a real nice addition to the starting lineup come fantasy playoffs.
  8. DocNiner

    the other RBs

    Yeah the situation with Brooks as I see it I think he'll be ready for TC just not at full capacity. They have Hubbard who can handle the load early on but I look for Brooks involvement to expand by week 6 or 7. Carolina has addressed some issues of the offensive line so the Panthers run game should be better overall. Having that will also help Young. Their receiving corps is less than desirable so defenses will key on the run. The O-linr will improve ad the season goes on and come fantasy playoffs Brooks will be someone to give consideration to in your lineup with the right matchups.
  9. DocNiner

    the other RBs

    I like Spears to outplay Pollard.and be the Titans RB1. I also like Jonathan Brooks but probably not til mid-season
  10. DocNiner

    Any Love for Love?

    He seems to be a little under the radar. Guys will be looking at the big names at QB that people think they have to have. Yet Love presents tremendous value at where he's being taking. He should surely play better than his ADP. I'll let the other guys fight for the top ranked QBs.and grab Live a little later and load up on the other skill positions. I would not be surprised though, given his receiving corps, that he somehow finishes as a top 5 QB. His 2nd half of the season in 2023 he was real good.and I look for that trend to continue. Get him.while you can.
  11. DocNiner

    2024 Top 10 Rbs - let's discuss

    I'm not banking on it but a player I think could have a shot at cracking the top 20 this year is Chicago Bears RB Deandre Swift. Yes he's had a little injury history but the dude has still produced. Since the have a rookie QB in Caleb Williams and 3 WRs that are decent and a serviceable TE in Cole Kmet are.they really gonna let this rookie sling the ball all over the field? I.think that would be a recipe for disaster for the young QB no matter how talented he us. Trevor Lawrence was suppose to be the 2nd coming of Peyton Manning but has really lit up the stats sheets. Enter Deandre Swift. If they want Williams to be successful they should try to give him a run game that'll produce and take some pressure of him. I think that Seift has the talent to be a top 10 RB and just needs the opportunities to do so. Yes, it'll depend a lot on him being on the field and not the bench plus how much they want to inject Khalil Herbert and Roschon Johnson. I say Swift is certainly better than those two.and the Bears need to realize that. If they want to win with this rookie QB then give Swift enough touches to help the passing game. So he may be a Longshot but I still think Swift could end up being a top 10 RB this year if the Bears use him the right way.
  12. DocNiner

    2024 Top 10 Wr's

    Yeah, I bumped Jefferson to 6 and Brown up to 5. I'm.dropping Adams out of my top 10 and think that Mike 3vans could get in there at.10. Possibly Metcalf even if there's 3 players.wanting the ball in Seattle. A little bit of a Longshot but an outside chance of either Drake London or GeorgePickens gets in there. London probably more than Pickens just because of who there QB is. So yeah the biggest in my 10 is Davante Adams not being in there. Not just based solely on his QB situation.but just have a gut feeling that he won't be top 0 this year.
  13. DocNiner

    Kyren Williams...

    Wherever you're taking Kyren Williams you better make sure to lock up Blake Corum even if you have to over spend for him. Possible Williams injury could be an issue to start the season so we'll have to see what his level of participation is in training camp. For me I'm not willing to take him 1st round or early/mid 2nd round until I'm certain the injury is behind him. If there's still question mark about him in training camp I'll let someone else take the risk and adjust my draft.board accordingly.
  14. DocNiner

    2024 Top 10 Te's

    Yes, TE BEN SINNOTT WILL finish in the top 10 for TE's this year. Typically rookie TE's haven't done well their 1st year in the NFL but last years rookie sensation SAM LaPORTA is the exception. The position was kind of looked at as an additional blocker on the line with occasional complimentary catches during he season. This was the standard for quite a while in the NFL but all of that has changed. TE's have now became an integral part of a teams offense during the year. They're no longer looked at as just a player to block and fill out the 11 players on offense. They have carved out a niche for themselves that says HEY we CAN play good football and not just block. Sam LaPorta really caught fire last year but I don't think we'll see.that kind if production from any of the rookie TEs this year. BROCK BOWERS should lead all rookie TEs in production but may not get half the production LaPorta got last year. Now to the Commanders TE BEN SINNOTT. I think he's in a pretty good spot for him to make an impact on Washington's.offense this year. He's only got the aging Zach Ertz in front of him and even if Ertz stays healthy Sinnott will push Ertz out of the way as the season progresses. Don't want to nail.down numbers for him just yet but I feel strongly that he'll finish in the top 10 for TEs this year. I even say he's got a decent chance to have better production than highly touted Brock Bowers this year. It is good to finally have TE's get the credit they deserve.
  15. Probably would like him a little more except for having to watch all the screen shots and drama with his celebrity girl toy, Taylor Swift. They pay way to much attention on getting her FaceTime which.detracts from the game. I also think his involvement with her has affected his play regardless of him getting older and his play/production heading downwards. I truly believe the Chiefs WON'T 3-peat and this could likely be.his last year before he rides of in the sunset with his glamor girl.