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    Players not to pass on this season

    Agreed. I think Jonathan Stewart is a great talent and from a FF perspective I would love to see him and D-Will on 2 different teams. But I would love to hear the case for how Stewart is a "much more talented RB." I think that's absurd. Williams has averaged over 5ypc over his last roughly 640 carries and scored 32 TDs. Again, Stewart is great and very well could be a top 5 FF RB if Williams were not there but the same could be said, and with greater probability, for Williams. This is a case where FF bias is clouding the brain. There are plenty of reasons for calling John Fox out but giving the ball to a guy as productive as DeAngelo Williams is NOT one of them.
  2. VaTerp

    Calvin Johnson or Greg Jennings?

    It's a very legit question and I'm in the minority view point here. This year I like Jennings significantly more. Long term I would probably lean towards Calvin but it's close. Rogers will be an elite QB for years. Yes, there is some competition for catches in GB but I'm not convinced that's a bad thing and Driver only has so many years left. Calvin on the other hand plays for one of the most inept franchises in NFL history. Yes, there are a few signs that things could get better but I'm not anywhere close to sold on Stafford. I don't like the way they used CJ in their offense last year either. And while Johnson's is an athletic freak, his body type and the way he leaves his feet so much at his size concerns me as someone who could be more apt to battle injuries. And no I'm not really in the business of predicting injuries but that's a small thing that sits in the back of my mind based on a couple of things. Not sure what your situation or league set up is but if you can only keep one I would consider trying to see what I could get for Calvin in a trade. There is obviously a strong temptation to keep him as well. In a league full of athletic freaks, he is a guy that truly stands out. But we have seen all too often where, for a multitude of reasons, a guy who should dominate and have a HOF career never quite puts it together. Not saying that's the case but I think it's a greater possibility than others here seem to suggest.
  3. VaTerp

    MegaTron. I'm tired of you

    Should have played Breaston over him. CJ better get his scores from 20 plus yards b/c inside the redzone every team puts a Saftey right over the top of him and basically eliminate the fade. Thats how Pettigrew scored in the middle of the field on his TD. And overall, Megatron has been a Mega disappointment. He and Detroit have to do a better job of utilizing his immense talent and size.
  4. VaTerp

    Schaub vs the Colts

    Agreed. The Colts draft DBs and LBs who fit perfectly into the Cover 2 scheme above all else. Their strength of their LBs is pass coverage which, along with their light D-Line, is the reason they usually struggle against the run. But it works for them b/c with Manning running such a potent offense they are able to score points early and their D is built to play against the pass.
  5. VaTerp

    Who is starting Slaton, even though he isn't starting?

    We'll see. Unless I change my mind, Im rollin with Moats over Slaton at my flex spot. Fumbling is the cardinal sin for RBs and Slaton has continued to put the ball on the ground at an unbelievable rate. I keep hearing people say that last week will be a wake up call for him. Well, he should have answered any number of wake up calls Kubiak has tried to give up over the last several weeks. He has benched him for series, called him out in the media, put in extra work with him in practice. All BEFORE last week. And Slaton responds by coughing up the ball on his 3rd touch of the game. Ive followed the guy since he was a senior in HS. He has a lot of talent and I hope he gets back on track. But no matter how much talent you have fumbling is just unacceptable. If your coach cant trust you to hold onto the ball then he cant keep putting you on the field. Not to mention the fact that the guy is barely averaging 3 ypc and hasnt topped 67 rushing yards all year despite some very favorable matchups. I think Moats is a lil better than people are giving him credit for and its his job to lose now. Slaton will still get worked in but if Moats shows he can do the job then I dont see why Kubiak wouldnt give him the bulk of the load. Honestly, I just want one of these guys to emerge instead of it being the clusterfock that it appears to be. But Slaton has had more than enough chances. Its time to see what Moats can do with the opportunity.
  6. VaTerp

    Schaub vs the Colts

    Im starting Schaub b/c my backup is David Suckhard but I still dont like the matchup. As others have mentioned the injuries to Indy's backfield are not as significant as they appear. 3 of the 4 guys that will be playing back there have been on the field a lot all season. I dont think people really understand how good the Colts are against the pass. Last year they set a NFL record by allowing only 6 TD passes for the entire season. This year, the lead the league again having only given up 3. What makes them so good isnt the fact that they have "shutdown" corners or any other big names in the secondary, besides the oft injured Sanders. They are good because they draft guys who fit perfectly in the Cover 2 system AND they are able to get very good and consistent pressure on the QB with just their front 4. The injuries impact their depth more than anything else. If someone goes down during the game they could be in real trouble but I dont expect much, if any drop off in play with the guys that are starting the game. I think the loss of Daniels will have a bigger impact than the loss of any of the Colts DBs, including Sanders who had only played in 2 games this year anyway. Schaub's been great this year and Im likely going with him anyways BUT if I had other options I would consider them.
  7. VaTerp

    Roddy White?

    In 3 plus games since these ridiculous posts White has 22 receptions for 424 yards and 5 TDs.
  8. VaTerp

    Ray Rice value never higher

    I guess that depends on how much you trust Grant, and Turner for that matter, going forward and if its PPR. I Ray Rice and each week I fall for him a lil more. I honestly think he is the best RB you have. I owned Turner last year and he could still be a stud but he offers nothing in the passing game and the running lanes arent there like they were last year. Grant is decent but he also offers nothing in the passing game and the GB O-line is awful right now. I know that things can change over the course of the year and its likely that Rice's numbers drop and Turner's and Grants' increase but I dont know...I wouldnt be looking to trade Rice unless it was a blow me away offer.
  9. VaTerp

    Ray Rice value never higher

    VERY STUPID IMO. Now could be a good time to move Rice but I would have to get offered WAY more than two WR4s, which is what Owens and Rice are right now. If I was you I would be looking to move Grant and I would want a much better deal than Owens and S. Rice for him.
  10. VaTerp

    Kick Returners Killing Me---

    Agree with the part in the bold BUT I dont see what IDP has to do with scoring return YARDS or TDs for that matter. I have played in IDP leagues, they are ok, but I can do without them. In these leagues, just like every other league I play in, individual players got the points for return TDs but not any points for yards. All my leagues now have team D/special teams where the D gets points for return TDs and so does an individual player. I have seen that argued on here more than once and I really dont care what anyone says, thats how I like it and thats how my leagues score it. I am not in favor of scoring return yards. I played in a league that did for 2 years and it was fine but I dont feel like it really added anything. And I believe that league was 1 pt per 25 yards. 1 point per 10 skews things way too much in favor of returners IMO.
  11. VaTerp

    Worst NFL Owners

    Snyder has to top any list. He is an AWFUL AWFUL owner when it comes to putting a winning product on the field. And from all accounts he is an AWFUL human being as well. Al Davis is bad but at least he is, or was, a person with real football experience. He had a lot of success over the years and he is on his way out via the death pool. And as much as I hate the Cowboys, I dont know that I would include Jerry Jones on the list of worst owners. Like Davis, he at least has some experience with football and he deserves the credit for bringing in Jimmie Johnson when a lot of people were against it. He is too hands on but at least he has tried bringing in credible people and letting them operate, ie. Parcells. Snyder, again, has no redeemable qualities other than knowing how to take advantage of the loyalty of his fan base to turn a buck. He is a miserable, dreadful, wrench of a soul who has RUINED the franchise I have loved since I was 4 years old. This is, of course, a completely objective opinion though.
  12. VaTerp

    Kick Returners Killing Me---

    Doubt you will get many thoughts on this b/c the overwhelming majority dont play in leagues that score return yardage. I dont play in a league like this and really wouldnt want to. But since you do play in this league and knew the rules beforehand you should have targeted guys who are good returners. Cribbs and Royal are both known quantities in the return game so Im not really sure what your point is here other than to
  13. VaTerp

    Ray Rice is a BUST!

    He also claims that McDaniels is an idiot and Orton is awful. And that was LAST WEEK. Again, even the best of us are wrong from time to time. But when you are wrong and come off like a douche....well you need to get called out.
  14. VaTerp

    ***** OFFICIAL ***** Titans Vs Patriots

    In 2007 when the Pats were running up huge scoring totals I was part of the crowd saying they had "no class." This year as a Brady and Moss owner I am saying "about fn time." The duo has been disappointing so far but my league awards money for the highest point total for individual player and team score in a given week. Today's performance gives Brady the individual high and my team has put up over 40 more than the previous team high. If these totals hold up all year I will at least double my entry fee. As for the Pats I think they need to play with this more aggressive, F the world mentality. They have been way too conservative this year IMO. Hopefully this is the start of getting back to that.
  15. VaTerp

    Ray Rice is a BUST!

    Wow! Its one thing to be wrong but quite another to be wrong and come off like a major league azzdouche. Moz, and some of his friends, should probably apologize to each other and themselves for posting some of the idiocy contained within this thread.