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  1. Have 2 openings in my highly competitive very active year round league. Year round participation is required.... https://www59.myfant...20/home/59644#0 We have an application as well.. Message me your and I can send it to you...
  2. Game Time

    Dynasty League Opening....

    we have another opening.... League link in first post...
  3. Game Time

    Dynasty League Opening....

    Due to some very unfortunate circumstances (death of an owner) ... we have another opening..... Only looking for the serious... please contact me if interested.. GT
  4. Dynasty .. no IDP.... $75 entrance fee.... League url: http://www22.myfantasyleague.com/2013/home/15982 Custom site... VERY active..... great league...TeaM available is VERY good... If it is just another league for you, please don't inquire.... We are a serious league.. not a set it and forget it league... email me with questions.. gametime_20@hotmail.com
  5. Game Time

    Too much to give up...

    Been offered a trade: Give: Vick, Maclin, Spiller, 2 firsts... (one early, one late most likely) Get: A.Foster, Bryce Brown, late 2nd
  6. Game Time

    League Opening.....

    any interest? I may be biased but this is a great league.. In season Daily features.. 2 weekly live radio shows..... Year round league..... offseason RFA and rookie drafts......
  7. Site: http://www22.myfantasyleague.com/2010/home/54823 We are an EXTREMELY active year round PPR league.. No IDP.... All info can be found at the forums and site itself... http://primetimedynasty.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=bylaws Not looking for someone in 10 + leagues.... Want someone who is passionate and VERY active..... Great group of guys... Send me an email at gametime_20@hotmail.com Open Team: Kansas Twisters (real solid team)
  8. Game Time

    Anyone starting Vick this weekend?

    If he gets injured I'm coming to find you!!!
  9. Game Time

    Anyone starting Vick this weekend?

    I'm going Vick over Favre... He got me to the playoffs, I'll win or lose with what got me here! Just hoping he runs a bit tonight!
  10. Game Time

    Tony Scheffler a decent start at TE?

    Picked him up and am starting him.... Cutler looks his way.. Still hoping Alexander doesn't play which makes the decision easier.... Then again, i have to decide between him, Des Clark, and McMichael..... Which turd shines brighest is the question....
  11. Game Time

    Sit Willie Parker?

    Absolutely! No doubt... come playoffs play what got you there! Couldn't state it better myself!
  12. Game Time

    Who is the better play this week?

    exact same boat here..... interested to see the results... on the fence but leaning towards Vick!
  13. Game Time

    Westbrook Article (Update: He wants the ball more)

    Dieheard Eagles fan here, and Westbrook is the MAN, but I feel many of you are just complaining to complain. I would love to see Westbrook touch it more, but that injury risk is huge. You can't overlook that. The Eagles are done without him!!! I wouldlike to see him out wide or in the slot more as well. I can just hear many of you bashing Reid if this week he gives him 25 carries and he gets hurt! I think 15 carries or so and 10 targets or so in the passing game is really utilizing him effectively!
  14. Game Time

    Steve Smith Owners

    Smith is as close to untradeable as I would go. Unless you get an offer you just can't say no to, he is so damn consistent and good it's rediculous
  15. Game Time

    "eaGALS fans are the most classless fans in the world"

    Thank you all!!!! Wait to see what is in store for T.O. this week! I'm actually scared for him, ok, no I'm not!!!