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  1. AquaticRay

    Worst draft position to have this year

    I have the 13th pick in a 17 team survivor league. I can't think of a much worst position. Into 3rd tier RBs in first round and miss out on top 5 WR in second round. So you have take a WR in round 1 and hope for a RB to drop to you in round 2.
  2. AquaticRay

    LJ to Dallas?

    No way Dallas is tradeing JJ and the #1 pick they got from Cleveland for a RB this season. They are after McFardin (SP?) in next years draft.
  3. AquaticRay

    roster requirments for dynasty FF

    I'm against having a max number of players you can have at a position on your roster. I believe people should be able to manage their own team.
  4. http://football32.myfantasyleague.com/2007/home/18035 Click on reports -->rules for scoreing and rules 12 teams NO keepers - start over ever year Fees: $100.00 Payout all but site fees ($1200.00 in fees - $70.00 site fees =$1130.00 payout) All players picked up by auctions (intial manning of teams and FAs) If interested contact me at ray@rpollett.com
  5. AquaticRay

    Help a Rookie out

    I do not have an opennings in my leagues at this time. MyFantasyLeague.com has listings for opennings in some of their leagues. It is in the Support forum. They are down right now as they redo that part of their site. Are you looking for pay leagues ( prize money) or free leagues? Their are many forums about Fantasy Football like this site where you can ask questions. You can also find a mentor to talk to. If you want to talk Fantasy football privately, you can e-mail me at rayrpollett.com . If I can't answer it, i probably can direct you to a place that can. Hope you fine it enjoyable.
  6. AquaticRay

    Evans, Stallworth, Houshmandzadeh

    In Redraft: J Cotchery D Henderson T Glenn J Galloway( mainly because not sure who will be QB) M Clayton S Moss V Jackson D Stallworth M Jones In Dynasty: J Cotchery D Henderson M Clayton V Jackson T Glenn J Galloway( mainly because not sure who will be QB) S Moss D Stallworth M Jones I'm not a Stallworth fan, Talent that goes unused. Plus the Patriots never (recent years) Have a WR breaking 1,000 yards and 10 TDs. I like G Jaffney better as a Pat WR.
  7. AquaticRay

    Evans, Stallworth, Houshmandzadeh

    first group: L evans is the best and in HP leagues with PPR. Was around the #7 reciever in those leagues last season. Housh is a very close second. Him and Chad Johnson are a great pair; but they need a better TE. Stallworth is my last choice and does not belong with the other 2. I put him behind some in the next group. Second Group:In this order J Cotchery D Henderson M Clayton V Jackson D Stallworth M Jones
  8. AquaticRay

    Which First Round Draft Pick in 2007

    Only if they try to make him a LT in the pros. He will be a very good RT in the pros. Like R Gallery for Oakland, his arms are just too short to play LT. At RB I think Hunt is most likely to fail of those taken on day one. At WR, there is something about T ginn Jr. I think he will be a very good return man; but not sure he will be a good WR. I think he will be taking too high.
  9. AquaticRay

    Zone Blocking Question

    While i believe it will be good for D williams in the long haul; most say it takes a year or move for the o-line to become proficient at it.
  10. AquaticRay

    '07 QBs -- who are the Top 10?

    Keeper league: 1 - Palmer 2- Peyton 3- Brady 4 - Brees 5 - Favre 6- Leinart 7- Cutler 8- Bulger 9- Rivers 10 -Alex Smith McNabb scares me with injuries.
  11. AquaticRay

    Setting a Draft Order

    Go to this site: http://www.irony.com/mailroll.html Fill out the form as follows: Describe this roll: How many dice would you like to roll? 10 How many sides on each die? 100 Should anything be added or subtracted from the total roll? NO UNCHECK "Drop the lowest roll" The entire roll can be repeated; how many times? 1 Mailing information: Say what this roll is for: Enter your team name/league name here Enter your own e-mail address Also e-mail the results to: commissioner's e-mail here Click on "Roll them bones..."
  12. AquaticRay

    Dynasty League Initial Draft Strategies

    With 4 pts for a Passing TD I would not go too early on a QB even in a dynasty league. I've not done IDP leagues so I do not know how that effects the draft. IN none IDP you can get a quality (not top 3 )QB in the 5-7th round. Get a backup as late as possible, must watch and keep track of who has whom and who needs one. Then get 1 or two young QBs that could start later in the year or next year in late rounds.
  13. AquaticRay

    Flex Position

    I play in leagues with RB/WR and RB/WR/TE flexes. I much prefer the RB/WR/TE flex leagues. Been toying with doing a QB/RB/WR/TE flex next season.
  14. AquaticRay

    Two guys want to trade teams completely

    As commissioner you uphold the rules. You've said trades are legal. Unless you can PROVE collusion, you approve the trade and move on. If you can PRove Collusion (find out one team bought the other and team that sold it is leaving league), you toss the owner that is left at that time.