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  1. edytwinky

    NFL games without cable?

    Just preseason and replay of games from what I gather.
  2. edytwinky

    Keeper rules

    Would your league be opposed to switching to an auction draft?
  3. edytwinky

    All time FF unsung hero?

    For a single game that had a lot riding on it that ill never forget. Arnez Battle
  4. edytwinky

    Unique league question - very large group

    Ask MFL about deluxe leagues. That's what they are called. They run around $140
  5. edytwinky

    Offline auction drafts with absent managers... WTD?

    Those guys absent need to find a sub or representative for them to do their bidding.
  6. edytwinky

    Trading players... for just one week?

    This happened in my league. They made the original trade and it passed. Then the trade back a week later which I then penalized. The owner tried to argue it wasn't collusion and eventually quit the league because of it. It is clearly collusion but for whatever reason some people didn't see it that way b
  7. Yes. But all third party apps which work fine
  8. edytwinky

    Anyone use fandraft.com software?

    Any other users or people contemplating getting it? Would love to hear reviews.
  9. edytwinky

    What makes your league unique? Share ideas here

    Ths year we are doing a reverse toilet bowl. Only losers advance. The ultimate loser supplies a couple pizzas and a case of beer at the draft
  10. edytwinky

    Which fantasy football magazine do you use?

    I buy one fantasy football magazine like people but a People magazine. Pure enjoyment you could get from the Internet but sometimes it's nice to actually have something tangent to sit around and read and turn the pages.
  11. edytwinky

    What makes your league unique? Share ideas here

    Next year I would like to get a hold of one of those professional ping pong ball dispensers to hold our lottery
  12. edytwinky

    Has anyone seen CBS's website?! **PUKE***

    I played at CBS only once and refuse to ever go back
  13. edytwinky

    Need a List of all Offensive Rookies

    Thanks guys. I just really need a list of rookies to provide my league gms for our rookie draft
  14. I purchased the Draft Buddy today. Is there a way to extract all the rookies for a separate rookie draft? Or is there any place that has a list of all Rookies available this year?