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  1. Need some good opinions from our FF nation. Have Richie James (Giants at home against Colts) and Romeo Doubs (home against Minnesota.) If Christian Watson does not play would you lean Doubs or go James. Need some upside heading into tomorrow. Please give your take and opinions. Thanks everybody! Gotta get it done!
  2. 1 point PPR Rhemondre Stevenson (Patriots) @ home against Cleveland (Harris ruled out) Javonte Williams (Broncos) @ home against Philadelphia Need some good opinions from "fantasy nation!' Thanks Swami
  3. 1 point PPR Rhemondre Stevenson (Patriots) @ home against Cleveland (Harris ruled out) Javonte Williams (Broncos) @ home against Philadelphia Need some good opinions from "fantasy nation!' Thanks Swami

    Am I overthinking this one?

    For first place and a bye next week: Been pretty lucky to have DCook, Aaron Jones and JK Dobbins Looking to start Cook but am torn between Jones and Dobbins. AJones is up against a staunch Philadelphia run "D" against the pass with Devante in the lineup as well. Dobbins is going against Dallas that surrenders 130 a game rushing. Rolled with Jones all year long. Looking for a little advice as for week 13 - Dobbins or Jones?? Thanks for opinions
  5. Looking for a bit of help from the "Nation." 6 point touchdown Matt Ryan @ home against Denver Ben Roethlisberger on road against Dallas (Just wondering if he will be a non factor if Pittsburgh gets up/game flow Also pick one Justin Jefferson Minny at home against Detroit , Dontaie Johnson or Chase Claypoole on the road against Cowboys Please give me your advice and I will help you out. Give me your reasons - thanks!

    QB help Rothlisberger or Ryan


    QB help Rothlisberger or Ryan

    PPR 6 points per touchdown Ben Rothlisberger @ home vs the Eagles Matt Ryan @ home vs the Panthers (ranked three against the pass) If you can lend some help and your reason that would be much appreciated from the "nation!"


    Tough decision to make! Time for the FF Nation to step in. Lucky enough to get Dalvin Cook and Aaron Jones in a 12 team PPR. Both are going up against each other tomorrow in Minnesota. Also drafted Boston Scott as well. I intend to play Dalvin Cook all day long. My question to you is who would you start between Jones and Scott?? All opinions are appreciated. Thanks!

    Melvin Gordon or Ingram lll full point PPR

    Much appreciated!
  10. Full point PPR Mark Ingram lll on the road against Cleveland (The guy I am going against is starting Lamar Jackson) Melvin Gordon @ home against the Raiders This a a tough one to call - appreciate your opinions! Thanks "fantasy nation"
  11. This is the biggest decision of the week! PPR 6 point TD Yahoo Ryan Tannehill @ home against Houston Texans Jimmy Garropolo @ home against Atlanta Falcons Give me some reasoning behind your choice. Help me help you! One game brings me to the 'ship... Thanks Nation!
  12. Week 15 Mark Ingram on Thursday night @ home against the Jets Melvin Gordon @ home against the Vikings A win takes to the 'ship.... What are your thoughts? Any thoughts are appreciated.... Thanks, Swami

    What are we doing with Kenny Golladay??

    Yes, I went with my gut and started Golladay with "confidence."
  14. This is such a tough call and need a win for the playoffs. full point PPR Amari Cooper Kenny Golladay Emmanuel Sanders (Have Baltimore D starting) Deebo Samuel (Have Baltimore D starting) Jared Cook Mecole Hardman Need 3 give me your top three

    Ted Ginn Jr or Diontae Johnson??

    Any help on this is appreciated