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  1. bay area fan

    Draft Buddy Question

    This worked for me as well, thanks for the guidance.
  2. bay area fan

    possible trade... deion branch involved

    Forget anoth WR - get one of his proven RB's, even if you have to give up dillon to get it
  3. bay area fan

    4th pick

    Lamont Jordan. Depends on your scoring system.
  4. bay area fan

    Opinions on questionable players?

    QB-Brady - He will be just fine Bledsoe - Might be gone by the 5th week - Try Farve or Warner or Green if they are still on waivers. Big upside as backups. RB-LJ - Fine Portis - won't be the same even if he comes back - pick up TJ duckett if you can spare a slot Mcgahee - Another injury prone guy Fred Taylor - Mr Brittle WR-Chambers - Fine Wayne - Fine Branch - Holdout, but will be OK Evans - Good pick here Lelie - nice catch being traded TE-Shockey - Solid K-Kaeding DEF- Tampa Washington I would look to trade 2 of your RB's like Taylor and Portis for 1 good solid top 10 RB. ( May have to throw in a WR to make the trade work) Then pick up TJ Duckett and one of the RB's that back up those players that you traded - chances are they will start sometime during the season.
  5. bay area fan

    Should I take this trade

  6. bay area fan

    Trade, or Stay Put

    I doubt he would give up his top 2 WR for what you are offering, chances are you will have to give up what you listed for only one of his top receivers and 2 nd stringer. But if you could swing it, you should, although Gore will produce since Barlow is gone, not sure how good a receiver he is.
  7. bay area fan

    2nd Pick

    Chad Johnson is the best choice to keep. Ronnie brown is also nice
  8. bay area fan

    which combo do you prefer

    Parker/Driver will get you better points especially since da bus is gone. Driver has been consistently good over the last couple of years. Chambers mayhave a bit of upside with Culpepper, but I think the running game will be featured now that Ricky isn't distracting anyone
  9. bay area fan

    3rd pick in 12 team league - Alexander or Barber?

    Just updated my projections and Shaun is actually listed 5th behind LJ, tiki, LT, and lamont Jordan..... You guys still think Shaun is the way to go? MVP doesn't mean squat when your best O-line guy just walked. I know he was the man last year, but what about this year? At the end of the year i want to feel like , not
  10. I have a tough decision. I think the first two picks are going to be LJ and LT. Leaving Barber and Alexander as the two next choices. With the same line from last year it would be a no-brainer for me with Alexander, but now that Hutch left the Seahawks, is Alexander the right choice? Barber is actually projected with the second best FP total by a slim margin over LT and Alexander. I don't like the idea of picking Barber only because there are better defenses in his division, and the fact that he doesn't get many touchdowns, and he is 31. The Seahawks play SF and STL twice and seem to have better match-ups. Looking for some insights that might help me make the best decision. Thanks in advance!