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    Rudi Johnson vs BAL or Marion Barber vs NYG? - POLL

    C'mon, is it rudi or barber?? My other backs are maroney and betts...what do you think?
  2. charlie o

    The help master is here.

    Thanks for the offer to help! This is my second year playing and I could use the input. I picked 12th out of 12 in my draft. I can play 1 QB, 2 RBs, 2 WRs, 1 TE, I DEF and 1 Kicker. Pretty much standard scoring except 5 points for passing TDs and no PPR. Here is my team: QB: Kitna, Eli Manning RB: Rudi Johnson, Lawrence Maroney, Marion Barber and Ladell Betts WR: Houshmandzadeh, Roy Williams, Vincent Jackson and Jerrico Cotchery TE: Winslow and Greg Olsen K: Robbie Gould, Rob Bironas I feel pretty good about starting Kitna, Housh, Roy Williams, Winslow and Gould for week 1. My problem is do I start Rudi, or is Baltimore too strong against the run and go with Maroney and Marion Barber? Any other comments welcome. Thanks! Charles
  3. I have Rudi Johnson, Lawrence Maroney, Marion Barber and Ladell Betts (I picked 12th in my draft). I am thinking Maroney and Barber, only excluding Rudi because he is facing the Baltimore defense. I can only use two Rbs -- who should I use?
  4. Will Rudi be able to run against the Ravens? Or will Barber score a TD or two against the Giants?
  5. charlie o

    Weekly Projections

    Hi! First of all, I am a second year cheat sheet compiler/draft buddy user -- thanks for the handy tool! Does this site offer weekly fantasy point projections by player? If so, where do I find it? Thanks... Charles
  6. My two QBs are Roethlisberger & Drew Bledsoe. I have been considering dropping big Ben for Mcnair or Pennington....your thoughts? Also, my kickers are Jay Feeley & Bironas (I know). Should I drop Bironas and add either Gould with Chicago or Carney at NO?