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  1. dreen626

    Week 1 Waiver Wire Targets

    Exactly. I hate that BS.
  2. Remember him playing at UF. RIP. Condolences to family and friends.
  3. A featured back for a guy in 3-way RBBC...who's starting for 1-2 weeks?
  4. dreen626

    Are you starting Blount tonight?

    I'm starting Forte at RB1. I need to pick a RB2 from Ware/Blount/Hill/Riddick
  5. dreen626

    Are you starting Blount tonight?

    Standard scoring. Options would be Ware/Blount/J.Hill/Riddick.
  6. With Brisset in as QB, are you all still starting him?
  7. dreen626

    Im dropping Eifert, so lets talk TE.

    Keep Eifert.
  8. dreen626

    ***Week 1 F.U. Thread***

    ELLINGTON. I dropped David Johnson thinking i could get him back after a game two but this bum Ellington goes down in gm 1. SMH
  9. dreen626

    ***Week 1 F.U. Thread***

    He dropped a TD too
  10. dreen626

    Ellington down?

    Im in a standard so I'm hoping David is the GL back
  11. dreen626

    Ellington down?

    DAvid Johnson
  12. dreen626

    Ellington down?

    That OL sucks
  13. dreen626

    Ellington down?

    CJ my man....lets do it.
  14. dreen626

    ***Week 1 F.U. Thread***

    I don't own him but I'm going to say FU to CJ Anderson for all of the CJ owners out there. LOL