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    McNabb's Production weeks 10-13

    McNabb owner here...I was crushed this week with his production...however the bye week should get some much needed repair time for the team and McNabb and company should be flying again. The Skins are banged up...2-3 TD's in that one. Tennessee should be a monster game for all the Eagles. Indy's D stinks, again at least 2 TD's maybe 3. Carolina 1-2 TD's. I think their back for revenge starting in week 10.
  2. Thought I was loaded! If you can believe it there is a guy in my league that has Manning, Wayne, Harrison and Vinatieri. The Colts are heatin up. I'm holdin on to first but this guy is right on my a$$. Can I compete? His RB's are Dillon and Taylor and yes, Rhodes. 12 team league. Mine: McNabb Kitna LJ Westy Leon Moose DJax Coles LJsmith Hanson HawkD
  3. Braggin a bit, that with the first pick of the draft this year I passed on SA, even though I had the MVP last year (finished second) Instead I went RB, RB, RB. L.Johnson, Westbrook and L. Jordan. (currently in first) Question is...Westbrook is obvious this week...does Johnson start hitting the endzone this week or do I switch to Jordan? My league does give bonus for yards (minimal) so TD's are more important.
  4. thomashots

    Crappy Forum

    I was new to this forum today...sent out my first topic...had 38 views and zero responses. In other forums if people took the time to view at least they gave a one liner... This is my last post...AND it will probably draw a ton of responses now that I've called you out...too bad that's what it takes. I've been in the same FFL league for 15 years...so I'm no rookie either.
  5. thomashots

    Crappy Forum

    Another first day member...once again, the whole reason for posting is to get responses and talk stuff up...HELLO, this isn't real...you don't really own a football team...I got lucky on SA...duh...look what it took to get people to reply! Ha...another person proved my point.
  6. thomashots

    Crappy Forum

    brentleim....Thanks for the input...you've obviously been here a while, and you're right judging from the responses I finally got...(members who have only been here for two months. That's the reason I've stuck with my league so long...we have 4 original members still from 1990. And we still "gather" once a month during the season just to give each other crap... If it was just about money I would have left that league a long time ago...
  7. thomashots

    Crappy Forum

    Dude, this site hasn't been around 15 years...thanks for making my point for me. AND I was right, if I'm not talkin about TO (waste of a good jersey) or talkin smack you don't get a response. You did get me to post again though...