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    Shiela Jackson (D-TX)

    She doesn't just think it. She talks about it in DEPTH. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XK3rTUgoQD4 And don't go thinking that she meant Korea. She specifically cites 58,000 Casualties.
  2. Saint Elistan

    Who is going to have a blowup week week 3

    Most passing yards for a QB in his first nine NFL starts since 1950: 1) Patrick Mahomes - 2,810 2) Andrew Luck - 2,631 3) Nick Mullens - 2,620
  3. Saint Elistan

    Mostert FTW!

    I lost Mostert and CMC last week....McKinnon and Hunt did just enough to get me the win this week. McKinnon got himself a rib injury in the 4th quarter though, so I scooped up Jeff Wilson while I could. Not sure if I'm gonna survive next week. Get well soon, RBs...
  4. Saint Elistan

    Who is going to have a blowup week week 3

    343 and a TD - not a breakout, sure, but a lot better than 200 yards! The strength of this offense is the blocking and, Kittle aside, that's mostly intact. Bigger challenge next week. We'll see who takes the field.
  5. Saint Elistan

    Mostert FTW!

    Behind their Offensive Line in their offense, limited touches is all you need. Week 1 RB Totals - 23 Carries, 105 Yards, 9 Receptions for 162 Yards on 15 Targets, 2 TDs. Week 2 RB Totals - 27 Carries, 184 Yards, 6 Receptions for 49 Yards on 7 Targets, 2 TDs. Average - 5.78 Yards per Carry, 7.5 Receptions per Game @ 14.06 Yards per Reception... Yeah, I'll take 10-15 touches in that backfield every week.
  6. Saint Elistan

    Who is going to have a blowup week week 3

    The last game he played he went for 262 and 3 TDs with 0 INTs. It's not completely crazy. He accounted for nearly 800 yards of Kittle's record-setting season.
  7. Saint Elistan

    Any in season trades going on?

    My father in-law let me join his family's home league this year. The draft was a massacre. $30 entry. Champion takes $210 - easiest money I've ever made.
  8. Saint Elistan

    Who is going to have a blowup week week 3

    QB - Nick Mullens RB - Mark Ingram WR - Desean Jackson TE - Evan Engram
  9. Saint Elistan

    Buy low, sell high

    100% on board with this, but I couldn't pull the trigger because Justin Jackson is due to return soon...will probably regret not getting something done.
  10. Saint Elistan

    Any in season trades going on?

    12 Team, Full PPR Redraft, No Flex After the draft I flipped Brandin Cooks for Keenan Allen. After Week 2, I flipped Keenan Allen and Mike Davis (FA Pickup) for Antonio Gibson. I have two RBs on IR, so I'm trying to work some 2-for-1 trades to slim down the roster for when they return. Hoping I can move Jerick McKinnon and Desean Jackson after, what should be, solid Week 3 performances. Thought it was a great deal for Rest of Season, though. The other owner had Michael Thomas and Julio Jones possibly missing for Week 3, so he needed help at WR. QB - Kyler Murray, Cam Newton WR - DeAndre Hopkins, Calvin Ridley, Robert Woods, Keenan Allen, Desean Jackson RB - Kareem Hunt, Jerick McKinnon, Leonard Fournette, Mike Davis, Antonio Gibson, Raheem Mostert TE - Hayden Hurst, Dalton Schultz IR - Christian McCaffrey, Leveon Bell
  11. Saint Elistan

    Le'Veon Bell

    Drafted him late. Feel like he wont really perform beyond an RB3 this year unless Gase gets fired, though.
  12. Saint Elistan

    Skittles vs Starburst

    Which is the better candy? Which has the better ads? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L8I6d2Axu7c http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g31cl600rAE
  13. Saint Elistan

    Aside from "Game of Thrones"..... ( CLICKBAIT )

    I heard that Chernobyl, Westwood and Deadwood (HBO) was pretty good. The 100 is a fun enough show to binge, but it's not on par with the things you're listing. I enjoyed Sabrina on Netflix. Not five years, but LOST is always a winner if you've never seen it. Orange is the New Black? Final season just came out. The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead? The Good Place was pretty funny. Ever watch Dexter? True Detective? How about The Man in the High Castle?
  14. Saint Elistan

    Millennial physics/geometry: Pizza eating edition.

    How old are most of you guys these days? The oldest of the "Millennial Generation" ('81-'96) is closing in on 40. I think a lot of people confused Millennial with the Generation that was born around the year 2000 (Generation Z is usually regarded as '97+). Not entirely relevant to the post, but something that's always bothered me.
  15. Saint Elistan

    Post a Video You Think SUX Likes

  16. Saint Elistan

    Post a Video You Think SUX Likes

  17. Saint Elistan

    Trump wins....AGAIN

    Hard to call this a win when it's explicitly stated, like with Mueller, that he wasn't charged because he's a sitting President.
  18. Saint Elistan


    You haven't earned your stripes here yet, my friend, unless you're an alias. I've got 11 years on you in this alt-right hell-hole. Newbie may have agreed with me on a lot of things, but he was still a frosted-tip dumbass.
  19. Saint Elistan

    AOC: Concentration camps on our southern border

    This is an important distinction. You see them as "others". I see them as "humans". I wont be able to change your mind and I don't intend to try. But I think it's a sad state of things when you could look at another person suffering and not feel any desire to alleviate their pain because they're "not the same as you". We're all the same. We have an obligation to our species.
  20. Saint Elistan


    I see this circle-jerk is in full swing. I used to have fun debating actual issues with you people, but this is so far beyond the issues that it's not even funny. We have a racist President. Not even Shapiro can get behind the shite you guys are wallowing in.
  21. Saint Elistan

    AOC: Concentration camps on our southern border

    No, because being put on a waiting list while your family is starving really doesn't make all that much sense. If the Trump Administration had not pushed so hard on Metering, the number of "illegal crossings" would not be spiking. Cutting off 500 Million Dollars in aid certainly didn't help either. https://www.economist.com/the-americas/2019/04/04/donald-trump-cuts-off-aid-to-central-america
  22. Saint Elistan

    AOC: Concentration camps on our southern border

    If that was true, Trump wouldn't need this new policy - which is being challenged as unlawful. https://www.npr.org/2019/07/15/741769333/u-s-sets-new-asylum-rule-telling-potential-refugees-to-apply-elsewhere
  23. Saint Elistan

    AOC: Concentration camps on our southern border

    Again - seeking Asylum. Not "sneaking". They literally seek out border patrol and turn themselves in. Why? Because of "Metering". https://www.npr.org/2019/06/29/737268856/metering-at-the-border Metering is the term that Customs and Border Protection uses for a process by which it limits the number of people who can request asylum at a port of entry at a U.S.-Mexico border crossing each day. As far as U.S. asylum law says, anyone who steps foot in the U.S. has the ability to request asylum. So what CBP is doing is they're stationing a guard at border crossings. Asylum-seekers that show up there, they tell them they have to turn around and go put their name on a waitlist, basically, back in Mexico and wait for their turn to request asylum. And these lists are getting very long. People are waiting weeks or sometimes months for their opportunity to request asylum. The latest figure we have is that 19,000 asylum-seekers are waiting on the Mexican side of the border for their chance to request asylum in the U.S. "Metering" is why that father and daughter drowned. These people don't have the time to wait months to be accepted at ports of entry. So they do what they have to do to be processed for Asylum.
  24. Saint Elistan

    AOC: Concentration camps on our southern border

    I'm admittedly well behind on this thread, but this is the sort of misinformation that mischaracterizes what's really going on in the southern border. These people are not Mexicans. They come from other countries via Mexico - mostly from South America. They are not sneaking into America. They are turning themselves in at ports of entry seeking Asylum. These concentration camps, because that's what they are, are not for illegal immigrants. They are for Asylum seekers - a legal way of immigrating to another country - awaiting the courts to decide on their Asylum status.