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  1. jaxjag

    Krafty move

    At least that is what was reported in the first 10 minutes. Kinda quiet on that front since then.
  2. jaxjag

    Krafty move

    It's not? No wonder she always looks put off when I leave a $10 tip!
  3. jaxjag

    Odell Beckham Jr. traded to Cleveland

    I like Mayfield... Hunt and Chubb hurt each other's value and OBJ puts a dent in the other receivers. I would think Perriman has little value (certainly not dependable on a weekly basis). Njoku, who I like a lot, might even be hurt by OBJ.
  4. That's completely different.
  5. Could you redo the poll but add more options for the 25-49% range? I think this wide range is going to skew the poll and the render the results unusable. Thanks in advance.
  6. jaxjag

    Krafty move

    Lawyers are like prostitutes, they get people off. Kraft will likely get off as it sounds like much of the police's behavior was "shady" as well. Illegal planting of cameras... illegal traffic stops... perhaps they went overboard in their claims of trafficking, etc. as it fits their agenda. Linking Kraft's name to trafficking while he was with two middle aged women seems irresponsible to me.. As for Kraft, he is a 77 year old billionaire that paid for sex. Surprisingly poor taste, in my opinion, but I can't say what it is like to be 77 either... Maybe they guy is starting to slip? On the flip side, Kraft has given over $400 million dollars to charity over the years. I'm sure you never gave him any props for that, right? I also suspect you were less vocal when Jim Irsay was charged with DUI and possession of a controlled substance. I believe Irsay's actions were worse than Kraft's but expect the NFL to fine Kraft more harshly.
  7. jaxjag

    Krafty move

    Child rapist? Rape Gate? Underage prostitution? There has been no one charged with trafficing by the way... Apparently, the women he was caught on video with are the 45-year-old spa manager and a 58-year-old licensed masseuse. Seems like these characters were doing their job, which I'm sure Kraft appreciated.
  8. jaxjag

    Who you Buying and who you selling?

    Samuel-1 4:3 And when the people were come into the camp, the elders of Israel said, Wherefore hath the LORD smitten us to day before the Philistines? Let us fetch the ark of the covenant of the LORD out of Shiloh unto us, that, when it cometh among us, it may save us out of the small hand of our enemies. For the record, I've always thought the phrase "small hand" was a reference to weepaws....
  9. We didn't really want to allow killing but the commish screwed up when he did the league rules. His phone auto corrected "kickers" and it became "killers". What could we do? No one noticed until week 6 and you can't change a rule mid-season. That's one of our by-laws. Anyway, we liked it so much that we kept it. The league is down to 3 teams because everyone else is dead. It sucks because every other week is a bye AND we play our championship on week 17. Me and another team were plotting to kill the commish - I hate to kill my own brother but bye weeks suck. Anyway, he found out and accused us of collusion but, fortunately, he realized you couldn't PROVE collusion. For the record, he isn't my BIOLOGICAL brother - just my step-brother. So, we can make trades with each other. that's fair, right? ETA: Should this have been a poll? Maybe I should start a poll to see if we need a poll? RIP: Zeke Squad, Baby Got Dak, Clash of the Tight Ends, Junk Yard Dogs, The Big Gronkowski, TD Jesus, Eifarted, Goff Balls and Louisiana Lightening
  10. jaxjag

    OT Coin Flip Change

    You're an idiot. They stop playing when a team scores in OT. The game doesn't have a chance to end in a tie. You can also throw out all those games that were not ties as it just skews the stats. When there IS a tie - all it takes is both teams scoring the same amount of points in a single quarter. Those are slim odds to you? LOL... "bordering on impossible"
  11. jaxjag

    OT Coin Flip Change

    What?. All it takes is a another tie at the end of the 1st OT to need 2 OT periods. The chance of a tie after one quarter is "slim" and almost impossible? First of all, the game takes a huge physical toll. There is also the drama of sudden death. Another consideration is that, if the first teams scores a TD, the other team would have the advantage of going for it on all 4 down (regardless of field position) because they know they HAVE to score. That is a luxury the first team didn't have. The chance of another tie is fairly good. I think the team that wins the toss, wins the game about 52% of the time. Essentially, that is one extra win about every 50 games. That is the problem we're trying to solve?
  12. jaxjag

    Patriots @ Chiefs AFC Championship Thread

    Yes, I think they are that amazing. Not even a debate to be honest. I understand your frustration but it just proves the point. 17 of 18 seasons in the playoffs (11 wins in the bad year?), 9 of 10 Division Champs; 13 Conference Championship Games, 9 Superbowl appearances. Averaging a Conference Championship and SB appearance every OTHER year. Sometimes that team has been stacked; other years the talent level seems beatable - then comes the post season - Coaching, commitment, excellence. It's mind boggling.
  13. NE also plays a first game schedule so they play every division winner in the AFC from the previous year. Saying the AFC sucks while the Patriots remain consistent/dominant is an unintentional complement to the Pats. Teams do ebb and flow. Sustained excellence is rare in the NFL. That being said, this is the most vulnerable NE team I've seen in some time.
  14. Rams/Chiefs on paper makes the best game but I don't know if those teams will be peaking as they were earlier in the season. To be honest, I think there are intriguing aspects to EVERY team still alive and expect we'll get a great game. A Rams/Chiefs shoot-out? Brees/Brady makes a great story line. Andrew Luck comeback player of the year? The Chargers win one? Eagles/Foles repeat? The return of America's team? OK, maybe not the Cowboys.
  15. jaxjag

    Will you take mahomes #1 overall next year

    Mom! Some guy on the internet is picking on me!