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  1. scootr

    Pick 2 WR

    I would go with Driver and Brown
  2. scootr

    Portis, Westy, or KJ?

    I'd go with Jones and Westbrook
  3. scootr

    M. Morris or A-Train this week

    That's a tough one. I can see the Bills falling behind early and abandoning the run but if they really want to have any chance of even competing, they need to run the ball to keep Manning off the field. Morris on the other hand hasn't done much this year except for last week. I would start Thomas this week since the Bills should focus on running the ball against a weak Indy rush defense for atleast the first half.
  4. scootr

    Revenge of a titan.....

    I think McNair will have one of his best weeks against the Titans. Heap should be in for another big week too if he plays. I think he has been listed as questionable every week though and he still seems to always play.
  5. scootr


    I've currently got Reggie Brown in my lineup instead of Fitzgerald. Do you think I should play Fitz instead?