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  1. 12 team league scheduled to draft tonight! $50, head to head on Yahoo. Draft at 8 p.m. CST and keep 3 NFL players and 2 rookies for next year. Join us! standard snake draft. https://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/f1/1282875/invitation?key=a9a718da50830546&soc_trk=lnk&ikey=934ca7148b5dd6e3
  2. Norpac Attack

    Colston for rookies Jones and Smith?

    The two rookies may flop and it's tough to give up Colston in that deal. i would look for someone with a young, more established RB, and possibly a rookie flier. Two rookies could have you kicking yourself in a few years. Mine: http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.p...howtopic=315563
  3. Norpac Attack

    Keeper help!

    I think you have to go Edwards. He is poised for a monster year. Good value too, compared to the rest. I am not sold on Lendale having another good year. Mine: http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.p...howtopic=315563
  4. Norpac Attack

    Keeper question

    A.J. will have a monster year. As far as Witten, keep in mind that I just heard he may be playing a little WR this year. It will be tough to find a better TE. Mine: http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.p...howtopic=315563
  5. Norpac Attack

    Keeper Help-will answer yours

    Moss, Edwards, and Fitz. You will have a nice WR core. Mine: http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.p...howtopic=315563
  6. Norpac Attack

    Cutler or Bulger

    I am in a keeper league that favors QB's heavily. 1 pt for every 25 yards, and 6 pts per passing TD. (-2 pts per INT) I have to choose between Cutler and Bulger and every preview I have looked at ranks them about the same. Bulger has a slightly more favorable schedule, so I am leaning that way. I would love to hear your thoughts.
  7. Norpac Attack

    Trade help...

    do it, do it, do it. It looks like you may be hoisting the trophy this year
  8. Norpac Attack

    Which WR to start?

    Marshall has a great matchup but start CHAMBERS. No doubt, he may score two TD's against that soft MIN secondary
  9. Norpac Attack

    RB issues

    Thanks guys I have Maroney and Jones for now. Hopefully I don't make a last minute switch that kills me. Don't you hate that???
  10. Norpac Attack

    parker or KJ?

    With the way Davenport and Heath Miller have emerged in the red zone for PIT, and the recent announcement of KJ as the goal line back, I like KJ. I think the Lions will make a committment to run against Denver and have success like every other team has. I think they will have similar yardage days, but KJ has a better chance to find paydirt.
  11. Norpac Attack

    Pick 2 wrs

    I agree. I like Smith and Engram. Don't like Cotchery this week, but Curtis could be a decent play this week.
  12. Norpac Attack

    gore or alexander?

    Take it and run! Alexander should have a nice second half, (and a nice week this week) and Holmes has been targeted a ton this year. Even if Gore heats up, teams will focus on him instead of A. Smith, Battle, and the other stooges in SF. At least Alexander has Hasselbeck and some other decent weapons around him.
  13. Norpac Attack

    QB Help

    Gotta go McNabb! Dallas' secondary has been lit up and you may get 150 yards from dumping off to Westbrook. Big Ben should have a good game too, so I think you are in a good spot.
  14. Norpac Attack

    Decisions, decisions...

    Go Grant. Watson and Rudi both have injuries and it is hard to tell what will happen. Grant is the clear starter in GB and KC will be playing the pass.
  15. Norpac Attack

    Drop Benson for Chatman?

    Chatman will get the full load of carries down the stretch and Benson is looking more and more like a bust. FYI though, I live in Chicago and they say that Benson will be given the next 8 weeks to prove if he is worth keeping. Adrian Peterson (CHI) does steal carries and the Bears offense is tough to count on. Go Chatman. http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.p...howtopic=300035