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  1. hosierjoe

    RG3 starting this week

    I have Cutler on his bye and I was going to use Romo this week. I picked up RG3 today and I think I will start him this week. I also have Desean Jackson and hope they can hook up a couple of times
  2. hosierjoe

    ++ Update: Knowshon Moreno Out - ACL Injury

    With todays media, how did no one know about this yesterday? I really thought I was still sleeping when I saw that this morning!
  3. hosierjoe

    ++ UPDATE: Calvin Johnson Active ++

    What are going to be looking to get for him?
  4. hosierjoe

    Kirk Cousins

    Started Cutler this week after picking up Cousins yesterday. Yea it sucks seeing 50 points on my bench, but I made the right call. I had Cousins last year as a matter of fact he was my starting QB in the Superbowl. I really think this guy can be a QB1. I know he missed somethings today but with practice he will only get better. JMO
  5. hosierjoe


    I hate everything about the new CBS website. I was looking today and noticed that every team had an Illegal line up. I sent CBS an email but have not heard back from them yet. It seems to be working tonight but it still sucks!!
  6. hosierjoe

    CJ vs. Demarius

    I have both!!!! 14 team money league. I had the # 10 pick overall. I traded my 2nd and 3rd round picks to the guy who had the # 7 pick overall and his 8th round pick. I landed Calvin with the 7th and Demaryius with my 10th pick. I got Doug Martin in the 4th and Joique Bell in the 5th round. I used my free 8th round pick on Josh Gordon but I have already dropped him so that was a bad pick!
  7. hosierjoe

    Erin Andrews

    Cheers to you stonewall
  8. Cousins and Garcon, I agree with TennisMenace everybody will get theirs,
  9. hosierjoe

    Kirk Cousins

    I have Luck and Tannehill, Cousins is on the WW. I know this is not "A Little Help" board but is he an upgrade over Tannehill who I want to start over Luck this week anyways?
  10. Complete opposite I will be rolling Luck over Tannehill.
  11. hosierjoe

    Week 15 Defense

    I went with them last week, they had me looking like a genius for 3 quarters. If I didn't have Carolina I would start them again this week.
  12. hosierjoe

    Pierre Garçon

    If RG3 starts I will bench Garcon for Bowe, I love all the targets Garcon gets, last week he had 12 targets and only caught 5. Tough call this week on him.
  13. hosierjoe

    Vereen Owners With Options- Must Start?

    9 RuYd, RuTD (6), 153 ReYd, 12 Recpt= 48 points I will be starting him with extreme confidence! :banana:
  14. hosierjoe

    Had to sweat Forte tonight, now I have to sweat CBS

    It is now up there as of 2pm mountain time 2 catches for 32 yards
  15. hosierjoe

    What Did CBS Charge This Year For Their FF Site?

    We paid 150.00 with the early bird special.