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  1. CornKobb

    Role Players That Will Breakout In 2019

  2. CornKobb

    Who you Buying and who you selling?

    sell Gurley....got paid and taken a beating the last 2 years buy Sony Michel....will possibly be healthy going into week 1. Kid is a stud
  3. No one took me seriously about this post. Heck, I hoped I was wrong. But a complete fail by gurley. Disappointing
  4. CornKobb

    Super Bowl player picks

    whats your address? Mailing you a case of kleenex
  5. CornKobb

    JuJu Smith looked hurt at Pro Bowl

    ha ....funny
  6. CornKobb

    How Would You Resolve This Dispute?

    Sounds like a Cluster.....i got anxiety attack after reading first two sentences. uhhhhh
  7. Hoping nothing serious. Dead quiet so far on this subject. No dog in the fight but hope he is ok.
  8. CornKobb

    Antonio Brown requests trade

    TO is now in ab camp. saying and i quote from rotoworld. ben aint giving ab enough respect. what a joke
  9. What about Joe Mixon? Yes it was before he was employed in the NFL but dang he knocked her OUT. The NFL could of not drafted him if they wanted to as a league
  10. No gurley down 10. More than Cardio
  11. CornKobb

    Antonio Brown requests trade

    requests trade.....turd and quitter. sickening lil kid
  12. CornKobb

    Patriots @ Chiefs AFC Championship Thread

    my dad and I watched Whitehouse HS play John Tyler HS at Whitehouse Tx. As you all know JT is the hs of Earl Campbell the Tyler Texas rose. JT has so many accolades as a Football team. Long story short this game during Mahomes senior year solidified my thoughts of a never give up mindset. Back n forth game. Whitehouse Tx and Mahomes won. They lost later in the playoffs but he just never gave up. I know Brady is the ultimate bad arse too but feel he has a kid who isn't scared and won't quit. go chiefs its only happened a few times but pops n i looked at each other and said.....he has the it factor. excited this weekend should not disappoint