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  1. uglyslidedave

    What are your championship matchups shaping up to be?

    PPR, and over the last three weeks, I lost Hopkins, Fournette and JRob. Herbert, Kupp, Allen, Hollywood, Elliot, RJones II, Edmonds, Hertz, Succop, Chicago. Going against Wilson, Diggs, D Samuel, D Johnson, Harris, Kamara, Andrews, Cooks, Gay and Dallas Forecast to lose 164.15 to 171.11 Fingers crossed
  2. uglyslidedave

    Huntley w COVID

    How do you think it'll impact Cincys defense? Was planning on the Pack over Cle, but now I've got doubts. Sucked at picking a good streamer all year. Sitting in 3rd, virtual tie with #2 for the semis
  3. uglyslidedave

    Det defense

    Detroit knows how to lose. Rudolph might have an historic day. I'd stick with Dallas
  4. uglyslidedave

    Little more help AP or Goedert

    Godert. AP is too unpredictable for me
  5. uglyslidedave

    J Robinson, Beasley Flex

    Aight, so Hopkins is out, leaving me with J Robinson (not 100%) @ Indy or Beasley @ NYJ with Knox back on the field. Gotta put one in flex, PPR league
  6. uglyslidedave

    Anyone sitting Hopkins today?

    Sheesh, been stewing on this all week. I've got Hollywood Brown as a replacement. Woulda been easier if Brown hadn't dropped 95 TD passes last week...
  7. uglyslidedave

    WR’s Who to start?

    I like Boyd tonight
  8. uglyslidedave

    Who to start at Flex?

    I'm liking Boyd tonight
  9. uglyslidedave

    Flex help

    Who to start this weekend...PPR, 1/10 YDs, 6/TD Beasley Hollywood Brown C Edmonds WR already in, Allen, Hopkins, Kupp. RBs, Elliot and J Robinson Thanks
  10. uglyslidedave

    Ellington or Jeffery @ the Flex?

    I've got the exact same question. Tough call, but I'm leaning towards Ellington. How about you?
  11. uglyslidedave

    Flex conundrum

    I sure do appreciate the help! That's exactly what I needed to finalize my roster this morning!
  12. uglyslidedave

    QB - Am I crazy?

    I'm actually benching Stafford this week, but putting in Rivers. This season is shaping up nicely!
  13. uglyslidedave

    Flex conundrum

    In a PPR league, Ellington or A Jefferies? Jefferies is getting Cutler back and Ellington splitting time with Mendensuck...Or should I bench Spiller and put in both Ellington and Jefferies???
  14. uglyslidedave

    Going up against Manning support group.

    Fire up the lawn mower right at kickoff Sunday