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  1. With Newton out which 1 do i start as my #2? I have brees as my #1 thanks
  2. PPR James White vs bills Mcguire vs packers Ingram vs pitt Damien Williams vs seattle (ware prob playing) Pick 1
  3. eaglesfreak

    Ware or Williams

    I heard they may sit ware so he can heal up for playoffs? I am praying for the fantasy gods to make this happen
  4. eaglesfreak

    Ppr Cohen or TY hilton?

    This is tough!!!!
  5. Who are you guys starting Williams over? Me....its between him and White but leaning towards Williams
  6. eaglesfreak

    Is Damien Williams a MUST start tonight?

    I started Damien last second..phew
  7. eaglesfreak

    Is Damien Williams a MUST start tonight?

    Would you start Williams over White. Jeff Wilson or Elijah Mcguire (crowell out)? I hate thursday games!!
  8. eaglesfreak

    Is Damien Williams a MUST start tonight?

    West better not get 8-12 carries
  9. eaglesfreak

    Is Damien Williams a MUST start tonight?

    I can see williams getting 90-110 total yards with 3-5 catches and a td
  10. Assuming Crowell does not play which 1 do I start? White vs pitt Williams vs chargers Mcguire vs texans
  11. eaglesfreak

    Help! This is driving me nuts

    Ppr mixon vs chargers or Edelman vs Miami jimmy graham vs Atl or Brate vs Saints chiefs vs balt, bills vs jets or Texans vs indy? and a kicker question lol rosas vs wash or badgley vs bengals?thanks in advance
  12. Ppr...need to start 1 in my flex. Tough choice...
  13. Here is my team Qb Brees Carr Rb James white Conner Ingram Coleman Drake Wr Thomas Antonio brown Mike evans Julian edelman
  14. I have Ertz but both Kittle and Eifert are available. Which one should i pick up?
  15. Usually you start 2 QBs but Carr struggling and i see the Saints vs Atl game being high scorig. I have Brees as my #1 QB. Who do i go with??
  16. eaglesfreak

    Quick. Tevin Coleman or Mike Evans PPR

    Coleman it is. Thanks guys
  17. PPR LEAGUE 6 pts for tds for qbs and rbs Carr vs broncos Foles vs bucs Coleman vs panthers (freeman out)
  18. Figured I would hook you guys up www.cbssports.com/ref/634087412 Your Welcome
  19. We can start 1 rb 4 wrs or 2 rb 3 wrs. With that said should i still pick zeke? There are 12 teams With all the mocks if i drafted zeke..i got zeke and evans/aj green in 2nd and when i drafted brown i got freeman or mccoy in 2nd. Which is the ebtter combo?
  20. So a league that I have been in for many years added this.10 Teams and We start QB-Rb-Rb/Wr-WR-WR-Super Flex-Te-K-Def With that said I am sure everyone will have a 2nd qb in that spot. With this lineup setup when should I draft the 2nd QB?
  21. eaglesfreak

    Leagues with Super Flex. Need Advice

    Oh ya qbs do get 6 pts for tds not 4