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    Thanks for the help with mine. Maybe Kevin Walter, but right now they all seem to be about the same. I think if you play any of these guys from the list it would be match up related only. Moore targets should drop some with Colston coming back
  2. League scoring system 1 pt for rush / reception 1 pt for 10yds rushing / receiving 6 pts for all TDs Pick 2 SJAX @ Wash Turner vs CHI Buckhalter @ SF I believe all three will be heavily used in their offenses this week. Buckhalter definitly has the easiest match up. Thanks
  3. Not sure if Fitz is playing. If he does not play should I start Bryant Johnson or Donte Stallworth? What are your opinions, leave a link, thanks
  4. BostonPatriots

    R. Bush, E. Graham, F. Gore or W. Parker - need 2

    I would go with Gore and Graham as well. Caroline is horrible. I am just hoping Gore leaves some point for Davis. Graham should do pretty well against NO.
  5. Young or Maroney, and Stallworth or Henry. I was leaning towards Young because he should get the same amount of touches as Maroney against a weaker D. I was leaning towards Henry because Stallworth seems to be behind Watson and maybe Gafney. But The weather is suppose to be bad in Pitt..... Leave a link
  6. BostonPatriots

    DREW BREES OR MATT SCHAUB. Its that simple.

    Thanks for mine. I think both Brees and Schaub will have a good game. I do not think you can go wrong. Both I think I am leaning more towards Schaub has AJ back and TEN D has been horrible the last three games. I believe Haynesworth may be back so HOU may have to throw more and Tampa's D has been playing pretty well. Points for Brees last three games 18, 13, 32 and points for Shcaub last two games 23, 18. I think either choice is good, but I am leaning towards Schaub. Thanks for mine
  7. BostonPatriots

    Young or Maroney at RB2

    Should I stary Young even though he will most likely be splitting carries with Henry or should I start Maroney against the tough Balt D. I think I am leaning towards Young, because the way the Pats throw the ball around Maroney may end up with the same carries as Young and Young has a way better match up and a better shot at some big runs. Does anyone think Young will be a pure backup this week or are we thinking more a 50/50 split between Young and Henry?
  8. BostonPatriots

    Waiver wire

    Thanks for mine. I would have to say AP from CHI has more value just because he is the number one guy there now, and he ran hard last week against DEN. Hopefully the line will block better for him. I would think you will know after this week. AD coming of injury and AP first start.
  9. BostonPatriots

    Line Up Help - A win and I am in

    My RB situation is horrible and the toughest call so I guess I will start with that. Please pick 2. Rudi Johnson: Good week last week and getting majority of carries, but plays against the tough PITT D. Laurance Maroney: Has talent, but not used much, and playing against tough BALT D, so Pats will probably throw all night like against PHI last week Selvin Young: Would be an easy pick if Henry was suspended, but now will be splitting carries and playing against a week Oak D. Maurice Morris: Has filled in nicely for Alexander, but now will be splitting carries with him and playing tough PHI run D Pick 1. Currently starting Fitz and Burress: Stallworth or Henry (CIN) TE: Pick 1. Vernon Davis playing CAR Owen Daniels been hot lately. DEF: Pick 1. JAX playing tough match up but playing well, but on the road STL playing well, at home and play the horrible ATL Offense. Right now I am leaning towards Rudi and Young, because Rudi should get the carries and will get goalline carries and Young should get some chances againts a week Run D. Leaning towards Stallworth, and Daniels and STL Let me know what you think and don't forget to leave a link Thanks
  10. BostonPatriots

    Anyone know why Maroney is not playing?

    Maroney TD!!! Maroney is good. Pats have not needed him until now. As you can see he just scored the leading TD. They will use him when they need him, and do not want to risk him getting hurt, especially since he was injured earlier this year, Morris is out for the year, and every where you look at RB is injured. RBs are dropping like flies.
  11. My RB situation is week. What should've been my studs are DUDS Maroney and RUDI. I have slated Mo Morris at one RB position. Who should I start next with him Benson, Andre Hall now that Selvin has been ruled out, or go with Maroney on Sunday night. I still have Rudi and Watons, but the situation there is to shaky to start either, so I do not even consider them at this point. Thanks, leave a link
  12. BostonPatriots

    Wich DEN WR Marshall or Walker

    I would go with Marshall. This will be Walker first game back so you may want to wait and see how he does. Help with mine My question
  13. I am starting Fitz and Hackett (if he is playing). I was wondering if I should sit Burress for Henry or Stallworth? What do you think. If Hackett is not playing then I would start Henry in his place and then the question would be Sit Burress for Stallworth? Thanks and leave a link
  14. Right now I am leaning towards Young / Hall, depending on who is starting. Maroney does not get the chances, and even though Benson has played well the last two games, I have heard talk about getting AP the ball more? Leave a link
  15. BostonPatriots

    any word

    Selvin Young, RB DEN News: According to the Denver Post, Broncos RB Selvin Young left Monday's game against Tennessee in the fourth quarter with a knee issue but he did return. After the game, Denver officials said Young, who had 54 yards on 14 carries, is fine. Analysis: Continue to monitor Young's status before setting your lineup for Week 12 at Chicago. If healthy, consider Young a No. 2 RB depending on the status of Travis Henry (knee) and his suspension. In the meantime, it might be worth adding Andre Hall, who replaced Young against the Titans and had seven carries for 89 yards and a touchdown. from sportsline.com