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  1. For rest of season, would you drop K. Johnson or Tevin Coleman for Gus Edwards? What about Dion Lewis (different league)?
  2. MikeyNavy

    Brees or Dalton

    To stay on the theme...I'd go Dalton...this week only. Also...Boomer Sooner!
  3. MikeyNavy

    Nick Chubb and Dalvin Cook?

    Thanks...in a couple of other leagues I was able to grab Chubb. However, in this league...literally in the time I wrote the post, my old man (also in the league) swooped in and grabbed him. I have a waiver request in to grab Cook (drop Powell)...so fingers crossed that goes through. I'll know in the morning. I was fast enough to grab Chubb in another league though.
  4. MikeyNavy

    Nick Chubb and Dalvin Cook?

    He's still available...seeing as the Carlos Hyde Trade just went down. Likewise, Dalvin Cook and Marshawn Lynch were just dumped by owners due to injury situations. My current running backs: Drake, Powell, Collins, K. Johnson, Ingram, Freeman (locked because of last night) I'm not keen on Lynch because of the Raiders' struggles, but would you drop any of the above for Chubb or Cook...rest of season? Powell perhaps? Leave link to yours.
  5. MikeyNavy

    Pick up and stash Mark Ingram?

    Someone already dropped Mark Ingram. For a bench stash, would you drop Kerryon Johnson or Marlon Mack for him?
  6. I'm projected to get smoked this week but am still going to put up a fighting chance. In a PPR league who would you start for a FLEX and DEF: FLEX: Mike Davis, Dion Lewis, Dede Westbrook, Stefon Diggs DEF: Detroit or Buffalo Leave Link to Yours
  7. MikeyNavy

    Flex option: Which RB or WR...WHIR

    Sorry...good question. D. Murray...I wish I had L. Murray at this time!
  8. My RBs: McCoy, Ingram, D. Murray, McKinnon, Jones, Coleman WRs: Hopkins, Crowder, Sanders, Ingram didn't do enough last night to give me any confidence this week. McCoy is in and, unfortunately, D. Murray is in flex. Do you see Jones making any impact in the next few games...timeshare with J. Williams or would it make sense to replace him with Mike Davis or Kerwynn Williams (now that AP is out)? If so, would you start either over Murray? Other flex option (instead of Murray): Drop Sanders or A. Jones (RB) and pick up either: Benjamin (who is not listed as injured anymore...but will he produce), Goodwin, Martavis Bryant? Thanks. Leave link to yours.
  9. MikeyNavy

    T. Coleman or D. Murray

    Which of these two would you start tomorrow? Tevin Coleman vs. Tampa (assuming Freeman is out) or DeMarco Murray at Indy?
  10. MikeyNavy

    Must Win Situation - WR Advice Needed

    Well...right now I'm rolling with Crowder...fingers crossed. It looks like I wasn't clear in my original post. I already have Olsen...he's sitting in my IR spot which should clear anytime now. I'll have to drop someone to get him back in my lineup...I'm thinking Parker right now so I can get Olsen into my lineup. The other receivers listed were available on waivers. Fingers are crossed because I'm still torn about Doctson and Kupp as well...Kupp burned me earlier in the season though and Doctson has big upside but likely gets the better of NY's corners. It is also a division rivalry game and on Thanksgiving, so you'd think that the Giants will at least "try." Of course...with the luck I've had the past 3 weeks...it won't matter who I start...they will bust or at least still get beat by my opponent:)
  11. MikeyNavy

    Pick two of three...WHIR

    I would go Vernon and Ameer. http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?s=0c36a9928d0b5ffeb5d6b4ee3dce8975&showtopic=472562
  12. MikeyNavy

    Help. WHIR

    My vote is Perine and Anderson.
  13. 2 weeks ago I was sitting comfortably in 2nd place. Now I'm in 4th in a 6-way tie fighting for the last playoff spot (this is last regular season week). WR has been a thorn in my side for a few weeks now...especially Devante Parker. My current WRs are Hopkins, Parker, Sanders, Benjamin, and I just picked up Doctson...although I'll need to drop someone as soon as Olsen comes off IR and I have to make a roster spot. That being said...it is a must-win this week and my opponent started off slow early in the season but has a hot lineup right now. I'll be starting Big Ben at QB (over Brees) and my RB/Flex are Ingram, McCoy, and Murray. Assuming Olsen comes off IR as expected, I'll be starting him (no other real options). Which 1 of these WRs would you trust most in Week 12 with Hopkins: Doctson Crowder Maclin Coleman Davis Kupp or Parker or Sanders (although I'm not particularly high on either this week...Miami doesn't have an offense that can utilize Parker it seems...more so Landry and Stills...and Denver is trying out a new QB). I'll need to part with one to pick up another receiver and am leaning on dropping Parker. Also...it is standard scoring. Leave link to yours and I'll happily help.
  14. MikeyNavy

    WR waiver pick up

    I would go with Maclin.
  15. MikeyNavy

    CJ Anderson Replacement Options? WHIR

    Thanks to you both...I'll keep him stashed and hope that he, and Murray, can somehow finish stronger to end season in case I need them (i.e. McCoy has struggled the last few weeks).