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    I decided to keep Vereen in a 12-team PPR keeper league. He has a 6th rd value so I figured he was worth keeping based on his TDs and receptions alone. Granted, him getting hurt last year killed me, but can't ignore the fact he was on pace for like 125 targets had he stayed healthy all season. Oh, and I'm really high on Robinson in NO, but would take Thomas in PPR leagues.
  2. SuperSteelers

    Glimmer of Hope for Josh Gordon?

    Even if he misses eight games, can he be counted on to be a viable option at that point? Perhaps if he is allowed to practice with the team, but even then they won't be giving first team reps to a guy who won't be playing for 2 months. Not sure it's worth keeping him or drafting him unless it's less than 6 games.
  3. SuperSteelers

    The giants backfield

    which of the 2 would you rather have in a 12-team .5 ppr keeper league? Vereen - 6th Crabtree - 10th OR Gordon - 11th Jennings - 6th Crabtree - 10th OR Gordon - 11th
  4. SuperSteelers

    Keeper League - Trading Draft picks

    We've had a lot of discusions regarding the trading of draft picks in our league. A few years ago a former manager traded away players for 5 additional draft picks in the next season's draft. Many people in our league got upset and were pissed because he was essentially "throwing in the towel" on the current season. Also, there are a lot of loopholes associated with trading picks, etc. What do other people do in this regard in their leagues?
  5. SuperSteelers

    2014 Outlook

    Who will be the breakout stars of next season? I have been mathematically eliminated in a 12-team ppr keeper league, and am looking for potential late rounds keepers to scoop off the waiver wire. I have already snagged Michael Crabtree. Does anyone else come to mind?
  6. SuperSteelers

    Worst move you've made?

    So easy to say "what ifs" at draft day. NO ONE had Moreno being the lead back in DEN especially when they drafted Montae Ball who was coming over a record-setting year at Wisky. Traded Wilson, Thompkins and Woodhead for Newton and S. Smith.
  7. SuperSteelers

    Keeper Leagues - Jordan Reed

    Anyone move Jordan Reed? I picked him up as a fill-in for Graham during his bye-week. Obviously he has too much value to drop, and don't need him with Graham. What is the market for this player?
  8. SuperSteelers

    Shonn Greene

    With Shonn Greene supposedly getting 12-15 carries a game from here on out, is he worth a pickup? I have Helu sitting on my bench and would be willing to drop him if it's going to be a time share in TEN.
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    I've been extremely disappointed in Sproles' production this season. I've been devastated with injuries all season long and have needed him to step up. I'd say 40% of his points this season have come in that two td game.
  10. SuperSteelers

    Amendola - Over/Under

    Over. I think he plays the entire game, but manages a handful of catches.
  11. SuperSteelers

    Is Danny Amendola or Roddy White dropable at this point?

    hahah. It's really bad how injury-prone this guy is. I drafted both players as my top 2 wrs and they have 30 catches and 0 tds between them. Looking back, I could have had Welker and Nelson instead.
  12. SuperSteelers

    TE Jordan Reed

    What's Reed's value right now? I did my homework (thanks for the help) and started him with Graham on a bye. Is it possible for him to be a top 5 TE the rest of the way? We've seen TE come out of the woodwork mid season and have stellar second halves. Those of us smart enough to buy the early hype, are you buying or selling?
  13. SuperSteelers

    would you drop McGahee

    Yes, I dropped McGahee last week for Ogbannya (sp?). He is useless especially with Weeden striking absolutely ZERO fear in defenses.
  14. SuperSteelers

    TE Jordan Reed

    Picked him up and started him his week with Graham on a bye. I'm so out of it right now that I'm going to stash Crabtree for my keeper league.
  15. SuperSteelers

    Brandon Weeden sucks

    We will see Campbell today. I guarantee it.
  16. SuperSteelers

    Fellow J. Graham owners any new news on his health

    Yeah, we won't know more about his injury until this week, but from the early reports it looks as though they don't deem it took serious. I suspect he will be back on the field come next weekend.
  17. SuperSteelers

    Foster trade

    Listen, I am 1-5 with no shot of making the playoffs in a 12-team keeper league. I drafted Foster first overall and most likely won't be keeping him next year at that price. That said, Would you do a Harvin, Lacy for Foster deal? I would consider keeping Harvin and use Lacy to fill out my roster this season.
  18. SuperSteelers


    I agree with this too. Would anyone drop Magahee for him in ppr?
  19. SuperSteelers

    PPR Pick 2 Decker- Nelson - Allen

    I'd go with Allen and Decker. I think it's going to be a shootout in Indy and I think Allen is the real deal. Should I start Newton vs. STL or Luck vs. DEN?
  20. SuperSteelers

    Joseph Randle or Gio Bernard PPR

    I'd go with Randle. I think he is going to get a lot of work.
  21. I also picked up Reed this morning with Graham on a bye. Who is a better pick up right now between the two?
  22. SuperSteelers

    Jonathan Stewart

    i've been mulling that over the last few weeks. I personally don't see any value in him. i actually rather stash Crabtree.
  23. SuperSteelers

    Worth stashing Harvin and dropping Miles?

    What an absolute waste of a pick Austin has been. He stinks!
  24. This. Think how many players would never hit with the crown of their helmets. They would have to learn how to tackle properly instead of lowering their head to drive an opponent. If you want to reduce head trauma get rid of the weapons which are, in most cases, the helmets.
  25. SuperSteelers

    Harvin & Crabtree

    Picked up Harvin in one league and Crabtree in another. I think Crab will be HUGE come playoff time. Anyone thinking about doing the same for John Stewart?