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  1. kristv

    Bench Randy Moss this week?

    I'm asking this very same question myself this week. I have Miles Austin and Vincent Jackson as well, and I'm actually considering benching Moss for one of them (I have to play 2 of the 3). This is the first week of the playoffs for me, and I'm at the top of the league. It would seriously suck to lose because Moss lays an egg this week and I have someone who actually performed sat on my bench. Not sure what to do.... :/
  2. Thanks for the childish reply. And yes, I didn't enjoy the SB because I couldn't root for either team for various reasons. But thanks also for negating my right to have an opinion. You really need to take yourself a bit less seriously around here.
  3. This is the first SB in a long time that I didn't bother watching most of. I couldn't have cared less about either team winning. Can't stand Eli, can't stand the Pats. I was kind of hoping both teams could lose, but that obviously wasn't happening. From what I did see of the game, it looked lame as hell and I'm glad I didn't waste my time with it. Here's to a better SB next season!
  4. kristv

    Let's play the WHAT IF gametoday.

    Excellent post. I agree with most of it as well, and I'm a Packers fan! See, not all of us are blind to the fact that our team isn't perfect. I think the Pack has a very good chance of making it to the NFC Championship game and possibly winning it, even in Dallas. But if they have to play a healthy Patriots or Colts team in the Super Bowl, I may cry a little. I think it would be anyone's game if the Pack played anyone else from the AFC though.
  5. kristv

    Are Dallas or GB going to start sitting players

    Green Bay has to win 2 of their last 3 games to ensure they get a first-round bye in the playoffs. I don't see them sitting anyone for at least the next two weeks.
  6. kristv

    Let's play the WHAT IF gametoday.

    Hehe...and now we have Will Blackmon back in the fold from injury. I'd be careful what you wish for!
  7. kristv

    Green Bay Fans: Should Favre play?

    It was a stupid debate anyway. Favre is not as injured as some folks here would like to make him out to be and he still gives them their best chance of winning in the 'here and now'. Some of these comments are really pathetic, and are just coming from unsubstantiated hatred from folks for a player who has very little or nothing to do with any of their teams. This board is seriously going downhill this season. What is with all the Patriots and Favre bashing around here anyway? Sounds like a bunch of piss-poor losers crying 'sour grapes'. Sad, really.
  8. kristv

    ***OFFICIAL*** Thursday Night Game Thread

    DOH! Ungood...
  9. kristv

    Why are NFL Quarterback helmets wired?

    Sorry, couldn't resist the urge to say it. You really don't know? Wow! Have you seen any of the Kevin Smith movies (Jay and Silent Bob)? Obviously, you're not the only one to not get the funnay, as nobody else commented. I'll shut up now.
  10. kristv

    Why are NFL Quarterback helmets wired?

    "You tell 'em, Steve-Dave!!"
  11. While I would like to think this is the case, I don't think TJ is going to be very successful against the Cowboys. Their front 7 is very good (it's their secondary that sucks). Also, I think the Cowboys will have the score high enough that the Jets will have to abandon the run early in the game. I don't have a very good feeling about TJ's chances this week.
  12. kristv

    Tom Brady on running up the score

    This has got to be the best arguement I've heard so far. Every other angle folks here have mentioned about running up the score has sounded like utter BS to me, but this arguement makes complete sense and I have to agree. I can't stand the Patriots (have my reasons, won't go into them here ever, so don't ask), but you know what? These guys get paid a LOT of money to play the game of football. The Patriots are simply earning their pay this year. As fans of their opponents this year, you should be ashamed of the performance of your teams and expect them to get the damned job done. They all get paid a LOT as well, and they all laid and egg against the Pats (with the exception of the Colts, who played them pretty hard). If the Packers ever get to play the Pats this season (Super Bowl, obviously), I'll be pretty pissed off at them if they let themselves get manhandled like all of these other teams have. If the Packers ever get to the level that the Pats are at now, I hope they blow out every team. I can't tell you how annoying and frustrating it was to watch Holmgren play 'Mr. Nice Guy' and let off the gas in the second half of Packers games during their Super Bowl years, only to let the opposition almost come back and pull an upset or make the game a lot closer than it should have been. I would have rather seen the Pack beat their opponents into submission like they could have!
  13. Playing Dayne this week because Thomas Jones has sucked @ss this season. :/
  14. kristv

    NFC Championship Game

    Packers fan here as well. Totally agree with your comments. To be honest, the Detroit and Dallas games scare the hell out of me right now. Detroit defends their home fiercly on Thanksgiving, and when is the last time we beat the Cowboys in Dallas? Bueller?.....Bueller?.... That said, I think the Packers have a great shot at winning both games. But make no mistake, these are going to be very tough games for them. At this time, I'm calling it: Pack - 27 Lions - 17 Pack - 23 'Boys - 30 If the Cowboys game was in Green Bay, I think the score in that game would be reversed. I think these two teams are fairly evenly matched, and home field avantage is going to play a big part in this game.
  15. kristv

    Why you DON'T start Dwayne Bowe this week

    Yeah, not starting Bowe today worked really well for me. If I had started him instead of Burress, I'd be up 8 points on my opponent right now and be feeling a lot more confident about my chances of winning this week. As it is, we're now tied and it could be a very close win/loss.