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  1. Charger Fan22

    Really worries about Gordon

    As mentioned above, he is a 3 down back and more importantly, he isn't losing the goal line snaps anymore to Woodhead. I think in his last 11 games (even with 2 of the next 3 against Denver) he could still go for 1000+ total yards and 8+ TDs. Regarding fumble issues, it's still his job. The Chargers have no one to replace him. Farrow is a UDFA and McCluster is a recent sign who doesn't have the size to be a full-time RB. Farrow steps in if Gordon gets hurt but he will never take Gordon's job. I'm high on Gordon but was offered ODB for him which I am going to take since I lost Keenan Allen and replaced him with T. Benjamin and now have S. Coates also. I have depth at RB (D. Johnson, Ingram, CJ Anderson, Crowell, T. Coleman) so I can afford to lose Gordon and picking up ODB is a big upgrade at WR. I'd rather give up CJ and Coleman instead of Gordon but I don't think the ODB owner takes it.
  2. Charger Fan22

    Eagles Green...

    Hi EG, I sent a few e-mails to you with pairs I would like. Please let me know if you didn't receive them. Thanks!
  3. Charger Fan22

    We need to hurry

    Roll them bones ... your dice are Roll 1: 28, 67, 42, 65, 77 = 279. Mail was sent to you at lachargers@gmail.com and to psawyer17@yahoo.com. (Mail addresses have not been confirmed.)
  4. Charger Fan22

    Monday or Wednesday night draft?

    Sorry, was in LV for the weekend and just got back. I can't on Wednesday night because I am going to a Chicago/Earth Wind & Fire concert... What about using the same website and setting a 30 minute time limit? just give everyone enough notice as to when it will start and we should be fine if everyone pre-drafts or is available to make their pick...
  5. Charger Fan22

    Is the league dead?

    Over the last few years it has taken us a while to draft and I haven't seen any recent posts... Are we not continuing it? The last few times I tried to get to this board the forum was down and I finally got here now so maybe others have had that problem too. If it's continuing, please e-mail me because I don't check here too often. I'm sure that some will be out of town for the long weekend so I don't know how we would be able to draft. I'm heading to Vegas tomorrow morning for the weekend so I won't even be able to look at a draft until Monday... Let me know.
  6. Charger Fan22

    Keepers thread 2005

    I'm keeping Boller who I drafted in the 17th for the cost of a 14th. I may consider others too but he is for sure.
  7. Charger Fan22


    If someone wants to collect it via paypal I'll send whatever. Since it will cost some $$ to buy the plaque initially, how about $10 this year and $5 in subsequent years? Chargers 2001 Champs or was it 2000?
  8. Charger Fan22

    Draft Picks

    You've already given up on this year?? I didn't think my draft was that great but if you already want to concede that's fine with me.
  9. Charger Fan22

    Draft Picks

    Mine were back to back and I pre-drafted them to speed up the draft. It's not like someone could have picked the Graham after I picked Denver. If I "laid" the card live I think it would be a different story--but with a pre-draft it's a little different. No big deal since I probably won't keep either anyways.
  10. Charger Fan22

    Draft Picks

    Can you switch my back-to-back picks of the Broncos and Graham? Just in case I keep Graham for next year it will cost me a draft pick one spot lower. Thanks.
  11. Charger Fan22

    Sorry if I cause a delay

    Last year I was traveling a lot and was at a client location and unable to check the draft during the day and usually trying to squeeze in 18 after leaving the office so I would go a few days at a time without checking the Internet other than work e-mails. This year I'm going to our headquarters in Denver so I have a little more flexibility.
  12. Charger Fan22

    Sorry if I cause a delay

    I made it back a little earlier than I thought but I'll be flying out in the morning. I'll try to pre-draft a little but it's hard when there are still 21 picks before mine. Chances are they'll be gone by the time it gets to me.
  13. Charger Fan22

    Sorry if I cause a delay

    It's about 6pm mountain time and there is a good chance that I won't make it back to my computer until late tomorrow afternoon. I'm going out with some people from our Denver office and then I'm flying back tomorrow morning. I would pre-draft but it's a little difficult when my pick is 25 picks away. I'll try to check tonight but it seems doubtful that we'll get through 25 picks in the next 6 or 7 hours. But, unlike the last 3 years, my average draft time is under 1 minute so far.
  14. Charger Fan22

    OK. So how have I done so far?

    Due to a heavy work schedule and a lot of traveling, I haven't been able to do the research I normally have done. I'll hopefully get to it in the next couple of weeks for some of my other drafts. I took Holmes because I didn't want double the pain when my team loses AND LT doesn't get the yards. Would you have gone LT #1? How about Davis and Owens on the turn? I was considering Garner and maybe should have gone with him but to me it was a toss-up. Any comments?
  15. Charger Fan22


    OK. I'll keep Warrick in place of my 9th round pick and Carr in place of my 10th.