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  1. Walter34

    Bears 34 Pack 3

    Or possibly the opposite donhaas? How are you?
  2. Walter34

    Lions at Packers: In-Game Discussion

    Just admit it Don - don't make me call up swamp dog and get him back in here. Including the ref, the pack had 12 men on the field all night.
  3. This is already decided no matter what - pats are it for the 2nd straight decade. Not even a discussion. The sustained excellence. The decade is 2010 to 2019, playoffs every year, conf championship every year except 1, SB participant 4 years, wins 2 years. No brainer.
  4. Walter34

    Eagles at Bears: In-Game Discussion

    Well that was a kick in the nuts.
  5. Walter34

    Antonio Brown requests trade

    3 Bs are almost done. Ben will play 1, maybe 2 years more? Amazing how the most dynamic O has imploded so fast. Someone brought up a good point that the Steelers saved 14M from bell not signing the FT. This may mean more unused cap transferred from this year to next. Given the magnitude of the current situation, trying to trade or cutting him seems like the right move. Tomlin is a great coach but also needs to start managing this stuff and not catering to the egos and divas.
  6. Walter34

    "Funny business" on WW Finals Week ..

    Cheating is incorrect as it is a loophole within the rules. Unethical or b1tch move would be more appropriate. I don't blame the guy for bailing. Its a free league and is already tainted before the games started so a FU to the league and commish is totally appropriate.
  7. Walter34

    Antonio Brown requests trade

    Specifically it would be 21M in dead cap space instead of the 22M that they are due to pay him. On the flip side, Ben could be cut with only 6M in dead cap space and has only 1 year left. He is so close to retirement however that his trade value is very iffy. Maybe Denver for 1 or 2 years but highly unlikely.
  8. He deserves the promotion for sure but not every one wants to be a HC. Not sure where his head is at but he loves his current role and city. Denver and Cleveland would be great fits for him if he does leave. Please do not go to GB.
  9. Walter34

    Bears 34 - Eagles 3

    Just dropping by ... long time no see Monkey, Yoda, Don - where you at? We may even see swamp dog back after today's thrashing of the pack at Lambeau no less Good times are finally here for the good guys.
  10. Walter34

    Team FFToday - Your IBL 2017 Champions!

    Congrats guys, dominating performance.
  11. Walter34

    Royal Rumble

    Friday Night Follies?
  12. Walter34

    IBL Guys...

    What's going on? You guys are late to the party.
  13. Is he worth it for another team to sign. was this mainly a money save or is the injury serious enough to limit his future?
  14. Good call Kent - Culliver axed.
  15. The 10M was draft picks AND in season moves. Teams generally need 5m or so for the latter.