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  1. Bill Swerski

    LCD vs Plasma

    TV nerds are more annoying than 40 year old men who collect baseball cards.
  2. Bill Swerski

    LCD vs Plasma

    You need to read between the snark and sarcasm to get my point. Go to the TV store, pick out a TV that you think has a nice picture, haggle down the price a bit, and buy it. If you're not really a geek for this kind of shit like Gutter and the other videophile assjavelins, just get what you think is cool. Don't overthink it and reseaerch shit you're not familiar with.
  3. Bill Swerski

    LCD vs Plasma

    I started researching this last year and found that you'll find a host of drawbacks for any type of TV on the market. There's way too much information to digest and it's all opinion anyhow. Also, the people who have advice to give are fucking know it all dicklickers like Gutterboy who rarely deal with actual human beings. So, I went with the biggest and most expensive TV I could find. I rarely watch TV, so it was important to have something that looked really fucking cool hanging on the wall. I don't regret for a second spending nearly $5K on a TV I am rarely home to watch. That's my recommendation. HTH@#!@
  4. Bill Swerski

    Free the Birds!

    Nothing teaches a sports team owner a more serious lesson than 1,000 people buying tickets.
  5. Bill Swerski


    I can leave for six months at a time and always be greeted with a thread of davebg whining about his wife when I return. Really, it's refreshing and fun for the whole gang.
  6. Bill Swerski

    6 Fragrances That Turn Women On!

    My scent of choice is Sex Panther, by Olian and it's illegal in six countries. It's made from real bits of panther ya know.
  7. Bill Swerski

    Some of you may remember Thread Killer

    TK is still alive? Next time I'll speed up before I t-bone that big-eared shitlicker.
  8. Bill Swerski


    I hope you have an asthma attack and die as you are one miserable, self-pitying son of a bitch.
  9. Bill Swerski


    I'd hire you to clean my pool if you wore a calculator watch. Rank the following: Anal intrusion by male porn star Brunch with Rusty 15 minutes with Fricker Toenail removal Blowjob from Fervid Ro Tacos Calculator watch A night on the town with galt Six weeks trapped in Orgazmo's unabomber mountain cabin Saltines Subway's Tuscan Italian Chicken Sandwich Alright, I'm bored with this.
  10. Bill Swerski


    Rank the following: Dinner with John Edwards One Dozen Donuts from Dunkin' Donuts Dinner with Bill Brassky Garden Gnomes Personalized Squottle Grudgefucking PartyHair Vodka and Red Bull Italian Beef Sandwich with pepper and onions Making Gutterboy cry Ron Powlus One week as Call Me Tim's Girl Friday
  11. Bill Swerski


    Csonka was a product of the system. I wouldn't hire Larry Csonka to clean my fucking pool. Also, I heard he liked to have sex with underage Cuban girls.
  12. Bill Swerski


    Is this a trick question? These are not all Hostess products but, I have eaten each within the last thirty days. Winner, hands down: Frosted Gemettes (Chocolate) Chocodile Summer sausage Halle Berry Calculator watches Larry Csonka 8 Belladonna St. Louis Fricker Rum and Coke HTH. Also!!@#! jeans, white polo shirt, docs, black socks Chipotle burrito with black beans, hot sauce, and sour cream
  13. Bill Swerski

    NFL Draft Weekend Team Thread: SD Chargers/Az. Cardinals

    James, Boldin, Fitzgerlad, Leinart. That's a great ###### team. Too bad that the people of Arizona don't deserve it
  14. Bill Swerski

    NFL Draft Weekend Train Wreck: Buffalo Bills

    Wow, that was completely absurd.