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  1. Funky Doc

    Wares Backup?

  2. Funky Doc

    Doug Martin tonight?

    Starting LG Kelechi Osemele is active so thats a positive.
  3. Funky Doc

    Anybody starting Goodwin tonight?

    Mullens is a decisive thrower and can deliver the ball with zip. He isnt afraid to push the ball downfield. Goodwin has a better chance catching a deep one with Mullens under center compared to CJ Beathard. I wouldnt start Goodwin though unless I was desperate.
  4. Funky Doc

    Amari Cooper what should...

    5 for 65 no TDs
  5. Funky Doc

    Possible Lynch IR

    Doug Martin over Jalen Richard, but why. The OL hasnt been good run blocking. Tom Cable messed up the Raider OL folks. Also Chris Warren was not on the original 53 man roster and cant return from IR.
  6. Funky Doc


    Pretty much this. Quick passing game, leave the TE in to help, and in my opinion, they should add in more plays for Jalen Richard. He can make plays in space.
  7. Funky Doc


    The Oakland OL is hurting. They are starting two rookies at tackle and K.Osemele (LG) has been out. Carr doesnt have enough time to scan the field and was running for his life the last game. Some info from the last game courtesy of @GipsySafety: Derek Carr had 31 pass attempts and had 6 sacks and 3 scrambles. Of 40 dropbacks (excl penalty plays), 9 of them (22%) resulted in no pass attempt being made. Almost 1 out of every 4 dropbacks are disrupted to the point where the offense cannot even attempt a pass. Carr had to throw the ball within 2.5 - 3 seconds. How many progressions can you make before checking down? At any rate the situation in Oakland is not good. Hopefully that changes after the bye.
  8. Funky Doc

    ++ UPDATE: Dalvin Cook on a pitch count - Cook Inactive

    Cook is now listed as out.
  9. Check out Matt Waldman and the Rookie Scouting Portfolio. It is a tip!
  10. Funky Doc

    DeDe Westbrook **Activated for week 11**

    I just looked up this guy because of this thread. Hes 6 tall and 178 lbs. and only had one productive year in college as a JC transfer. His SPARQ score is in the low 15th percentile. I have to see production on the field before taking a flyer on this guy.
  11. Funky Doc

    Any hope left for Pryor?

    Hell be cut, picked up by Cleveland, and become their starting QB.
  12. Funky Doc

    Chiefs at Raiders: In-Game Discussion/Tilting

    Lynch is going to run wild on the Chefs.
  13. Funky Doc

    Amari Cooper is overrated.

    He had a 31 yard reception and 19 yard reception negated by penalties.
  14. Funky Doc

    Carr has fracture of transverse process

    Time to pick up EJ Manual
  15. Funky Doc

    New Orleans at Miami (London): In-Game Discussion

    This game is a steaming pile of fresh dog poop.