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  1. mtrat

    Keepers not loading properly (manually)

    Well, duh...I feel like a dork! Both of those tips solved the problem I was having. Drafting tonight, and trying to guess who is keeping who so I can get a handle on things. Thanks for the help - I love the tool! Now I just have to see if I can use it effectively to draft a decent team
  2. I have been attempting to enter keepers manually for a league. I am able to enter keepers in the keeper tab, using the original manual entry process with the drop down menu entries for each position being kept. However, the draft cheatsheet and ranking sheets do not update by removing the players (graying out), and the kept players are not being indicated on the roster worksheets. I have compiled the cheat sheets before entering keepers with the reset keeper function set to "yes". I then enter keepers, and they are not registered. If I re-compile with the reset keeper function set to "no", there is no difference. I am running on Win10, with Excel 2013. TIA for any help you can give.
  3. mtrat

    No Megatron?!?! Who do I start

    Thanks, guys. I went with Thomas - pretty much a coin toss. Hoping he'll go all Antonio Gates on the Cowboys...
  4. mtrat

    Stafford or M. Ryan?

    Agree - Ryan. Stafford will not be as big without Megatron.
  5. mtrat

    RB Help

    I like Bernard and Bell. I think Gio is legit, and I agree that DET is going to have to run more than usual today with Megatron out.
  6. We play WR/TE as one position, and play 3 in a .5 PPR. My guys are: Megatron R. Wayne M. Colston A. Jeffrey M. Austin Julius Thomas With Megatron out who do I start, Thomas or Jeffrey? Thanks in advance for any recommendations!
  7. mtrat

    Portis, R.Brown or Sproles?

    Brown - San Diego is hurt up front and giving up a lot of yardage. Good luck!
  8. mtrat

    Start 2 of 3 RBs (PPR)

    I'd lean Rice and Slaton this week. Tough call, but I think Rice gets a chance to score against the Brownies this week. Good luck!
  9. mtrat

    RB Starter Help

    Minny has given up some yardage on the ground to two poor teams. Gore will get his touches through the air if they stuff him up on the ground. Even though Smith is a nice option, I wouldn't sit Gore. Good luck!
  10. mtrat

    Pick 2 of these four RB/WR

    LRob for sure - he's getting a lot of looks and should be good for PPR points. After that, I'd rank it JJ, Hester, DJax. Good luck
  11. mtrat

    Schaub & Ronnie Brown for Slaton & TO?

    He's hurting at QB, and you're solid all around. It's not a trade you need to make, IMHO. Slaton has not shown much, and is a definite downgrade at RB from Brown. I'd counter for either VJax or Colston, but not TO for Schaub - you're the one trading from strength. Good luck!
  12. mtrat

    QB help

    20 team league won't leave much to work with on the WW- and it depends on your starting lineup requirements. You're hurtin in a few spots. I know I wouldn't take less than Ochocinco to get Flacco in a 20 team league, but that kills you at WR. Are there any FA TE's available to fill in for Gonzo? That might be a possible move. Best of luck!
  13. mtrat

    Would ya?

    Looks like a good trade. LT will be good, and you have enough depth to cover the 4 or so games he'll miss due to injury. Good Luck!
  14. Pull the trigger now - Smith is THE backfield in the motor city. PT situation is very muddled right now. Good luck!
  15. Trying to pick up Forte based on his upcoming schedule. I'm thinking of offering Turner and NY Steve Smith for Forte and Crayton. I think its a steal for him, but I'm pretty deep at WR. My team: RB - Turner, RBrown, Caddy, Beanie WR/TE - Megatron, REWilliams, VJax, Berrian, NYSSmith His team: RB - Forte, Rice, Benson, LWhite WR/TE - BenWatson, HWard, Colston, DMason, PCrayton 12 Team league, standard scoring, .5PPR, Start 2 RB, 3 WR/TE (2 Player keeper league) I'd probably drop Crayton and pick up LRobinson if the trade happens. Whaddaya think? Any different trade offer suggestions other than what I mentioned?